Liberation Medicine

5 March, 2022


Integration with liberation medicine refers to the process of assimilation of the holy spirit into the mind, emotions and physical body after an experience of God that aims at peace and inner growth. This process involves extracting essence from experience and applying any downloads or information we receive in life.

Dedicate time to ourselves

First of all, let us give ourselves time and space for this integration. It’s so easy to get carried away by the hustle and bustle of daily routines and not give yourself time to rest, reflect and engage in new practices. Those with a fast lifestyle will find it more helpful to intentionally spend time in their schedule for integration and relaxation in the days and weeks following this experience. We will certainly find the following practices useful, but let’s not forget to trust the intuition during this process. If we want this work to be of best use to us, we must be kind to ourselves throughout this integration process. Let’s use this time to write or participate in some of the practices suggested in this article.

Extracting the essence of the experience

Let us trust that this experience is not limited to the time of the influence of medicine. It is a process that develops naturally in the days and weeks following the session. Therefore, it is useful to avoid the tendency to rationalize too quickly and limit the experience. If we want, we can express ourselves in a non-verbal way, this can be a great way to process the experience without relying too much on rational mind.

Practicing an art like painting , sculpture, dance, music, gardening and other creative practices can be useful for us to integrate this experience.

Reconnecting with medicine

This experience is often a beautiful reminder of our inseparable connection with the Holy Spirit. The incorporation of this realization into everyday life is the true essence of the process.   The good news is that in the days and weeks following this experience, it is generally easier to foster a stronger connection with Source and its True Nature. As part of our integration, let’s try to develop and maintain a daily practice of self-care, if we don’t already have one. A practice of self-care provides a solid foundation for our integration work. The practices described below can be helpful in reconnecting with the essence of the liberation medicine experience. 

Let’s keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, so let’s follow our hearts and choose the practice that suits us best.


There are many forms of meditation, so let’s choose a practice that resonates with us. Below we will find some useful tips.

Working with liberation medicine can reveal or dislodge repressed emotions, so let’s pay attention to any emotions that arise. If uncomfortable emotions or memories come to the surface, let’s be compassionate with ourselves and avoid resisting. Let us remember that “what resists persists”.  Over time, the body’s natural intelligence will eliminate toxic emotional energy and trauma, if we maintain a compassionate space and accept everything that comes our way.

If we feel a “reactivation” of the state of liberation medicine during meditation or at other times when our mind and body are deeply relaxed, such as before falling asleep. This can be a very beautiful and useful experience to improve our treatment and integration.

The most important point is to allow everything that comes up to exist simply, as it presents itself. Let us let ourselves fall into a space where we can compassionately accept everything that comes our way in the present moment.

How to Start a New Meditation Practice

If we start a new practice, consider taking small steps. Starting with small behavioral changes and then gradually evolving is a much more sustainable method than forcing major behavioral changes that require significant and continuous willpower.

On this note, if we are new to the practice of meditation, consider starting: 3 minutes a day and maintaining it for 2 weeks.  After that, let’s increase to: 5 minutes a day for a week or two. Let’s aim for what looks like an easily achievable amount of meditation that we are 100% sure we can maintain for a few weeks. If we overcome the initial resistance of 30 to 60 days, it will be much easier to maintain it: 10-20 minutes or more per day.

If we find that meditating alone is a difficult habit to begin with, let’s try joining a local meditation group a few days a week. Social support can help us follow this new practice.

There are many meditation centers that offer free or donation-based meditation.

Like: healing through sound, shamanic drum, temazcal, reiki, breathing, qi gong, rapé circle. ..

All of these healing practices can help open up the space to reconnect with the spiritual world and energy of medicine. Let us establish the intention to reconnect with liberation medicine before starting these practices, and practice maintaining a state of open and compassionate awareness with what is happening.

Social ties and career guidance

It helps to have someone in our life with whom we can openly share what we have experienced and what we are currently experiencing. We are social beings, and having the space to express what we see and hear is very therapeutic.

Consider asking a close friend to listen to us deeply, with compassion. Just being able to express yourself openly and authentically can help with emotional processing.

If we do not have such a person in our life, consider working with a coach or therapist experienced in integrating perception with previously unknown aspects of the mind.

Many groups regularly have discussions, events and meetings on this new perception.

Practice of realization

Physical activity can be very helpful in anchoring the experience in our body, especially since exercise can bring us into a state of fluidity. If we are in a high state of activation in the days following the experience, it may be helpful to try more rigorous forms of exercise to get out of our head and into our body.

The idea is to monopolize the mind through the body, so that somatic treatment can occur faster. Many people are able to be “in their head” during a walk or a light jog, which is why we can turn to exercises that bring us into a deeper state of clarity, such as ecstatic dancing, high-intensity interval training, surfing, making love, playing cards,  etc. if we want to free our thinker.

Hot baths, temazcal, cold showers and cryotherapy

After this experience, if we take a hot bath, it is a very accessible way to return to our body. The addition of mineral salts such as Epsom salt or Dead Sea salt if we want to induce additional relaxation.

The use of temazcal or sweet loge or sauna, cold showers and cryotherapy is very useful to quickly reconnect with the body, although these techniques are more physically demanding compared to a hot bath. Let’s use our judgment and study health contraindications if we want to try these last three practices.

Let’s be aware of the body’s hydration levels before practicing any practice with extreme heat or cold. If we want to rehydrate the body do it with fresh or pure water or Giving Greens, Noni max or MOA


Liberation medicine opens the energy channels, so that a lot of energy flows through the subtle bodies in the days following the experience. If we have trouble sleeping, consider acupuncture sessions, as this can have a balancing effect and grounding the body. Let’s tell the acupuncturist that a lot of energy is flowing through our body right now and that we are looking for help to regain a healthy sleep pattern.

Power of touch

If we have physical contact, it is a prerequisite of vital importance in our development, and it is something that many lack in their daily lives. The feeling of being touched is extremely enriching and rooted. So it can be very useful after this experience. Let’s get hugs if we want to release oxytocin. If we don’t have a partner to kiss, let’s get a massage or session that incorporates a respectful touch.

Emotional awareness

In modern culture, we rarely take the time to experience our emotions and even take the time to deal with the things that are happening in life. Death, breakups, and other major changes in life eventually become stored in the body. Some of us learned from an early age that it was not right to express emotions such as sadness or anger. This accumulation of emotions attached to these events is what stems from these powerful healing experiences through various forms of purging, such as laughing, crying, shaking, and even vomiting.

If we create emotional awareness, it can help us identify the emotions that arise and give them enough time to process them. These therapies can be practiced if we want to open our consciousness and release the stored energy. If we work with a qualified professional, we can develop a deeper awareness and understanding of these emotions over time.

Bioenergetic foods or cellular nutrition

If we want to anchor ourselves, it is important to eat healthy foods. NewAge foods are especially useful.

Additional recommendations for grounding and sleeping

If we have trouble sleeping and staying asleep at night after the experience. The following supplements can help if we want to rest well:

Detoxification Program

  • Giving Greens (3 measures per day)
  • Restoriix on an empty stomach (1 daily dose)

If we want to improve the quality of our sleep. Remember to take them 1 to 2 hours after dinner and 30 minutes before bedtime.

Revitalization and Stabilization Program

  • 15 drops – Before lunch
  • 44 drops of Niite before dinner
  • Tahitian noni for sleep: Take it before bed if we want to relax and rest. If we take this nutritional supplement during the day, we may feel drowsy.
  • Elite (1 sachet per day)
  • Magnical-D (1 capsule per day)
  • Omega3+Q10 (2 capsules per day)
  • Optimal-M (2 capsules per day) + Optimal-V (4 capsules per day): take them within 30 minutes of bedtime if we want better sleep.
  • Vináli (2 capsules per day)


If we want to have a better integration, gain healing and clarity of experience. Here are some of the things that we should keep in mind and avoid after a session with Release Medicine if we want to avoid adverse effects.

Stimulants and psychoactive substances


If we use alcohol, we risk disabling the new consciousness that occurs after Liberation Medicine. This will mitigate the positive effects and slow down any healing or understanding received after the experience.


If we avoid stimulants and psychoactive medications after this experience, mainly during the days immediately following the experience, it will allow us a better integration.

One of the goals of integration is to land in the body. Stimulants like caffeine, nicotine, amphetamines, etc. take us away from the body’s natural rhythms, which can backfire on somatic and emotional processing.

A quick note on tobacco

If we want to use it, let’s use it correctly, tobacco can be a useful ally to help with grounding. In itself, it is a master plant. Let us remember that we must always use this plant with intention; the unconscious and informal use of tobacco will not bring the same benefits as the conscious and intentional use of this sacred plant.


Even though cannabis and Liberation Medicine get along well, but let’s keep in mind that cannabis use can reactivate the experience. For this reason, it is best to use cannabis wisely and with intent. If we find that cannabis numbs or dulls our knowledge, let’s try to stop using it for at least 30 days. If, on the other hand, we find that He opens it and helps us establish a stronger connection with Source and Divinity, then we can continue to use It. It is best to start shortly after the experience, as cannabis nowadays can be very potent.

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