Phase 6

17 September, 2022

In phase 6, we will learn how to extend this blessing to an increasing number of people and in the right way.


The ideal option of gratitude is that we can also offer them the opportunity   to participate in living this same experience of serving Love.

However, it is not the only recognition option. We want to create information that is related to the Nume accessory, which will provide more tools, more skills, more advantages.

It is very important that you feed more and more of the Knowledge, this can be achieved by a website that you have created, or another means of communication and how to serve together, but not forcing, must come naturally out of them.

A good way is to value them, but we can show them testimonies of people who have gone through difficulties, who have been able to transcend them, who are now free and can help others.

This is how we give them hope!

Here are some tips:

I do not try to convince anyone.

Some people are involved in a network but don’t get the results they want. I do not try to convince them to be part of our team, I do not take advantage of their insecurities, I do not manipulate them, I do not destroy them, if we do, we are on the wrong track.

Also, if you manage to convince these persons to join our team, which will not work for them anyway, as they are affected by, blaming external factors for their failure or disappointment.

Do we want to bring other Networkers into the community with us?


But it does not manipulate them and does not defeat them by attacking or criticizing other teams.

Promote our message on social media

When a Person feels identified with us, but is in another Company, or group needs to stay focused on what she really wants.

If that Person wants to join us, she can do so and is welcome. But this must come from her, as the intention to come and receive more information for her personal development or her convenience.

Whatever decision you make, it is 100% your decision without any manipulation. Which means you come for the right reasons, with a clear mind and ready to develop at your convenience.

This process occurs when it is time for each Person. Let us understand this, accept it, and build around our personal brand.

Since it is a long-term process, we must ensure that this Person will continue to integrate what we share.

And this will only happen if we continually offer appreciation and solutions to their problems through a correct education adapted to their nature and personality.

End of phase 6

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