Grandmother Medicine

21 May, 2022

The Medicine of the Inner Vision or of the wise Grandmother allows to see beyond the limits, to develop the ability to go beyond the appearance of things and to penetrate the knowledge of oneself.

First stage of Grandmother Medicine

Decalcify and mobilize the pineal gland

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To have a lucid vision, we must release everything that disconnects us from our luminous essence. Such as: water, air, contaminated food, toothpastes and mouthwashes, with fluoride, bromide, mercury, heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, genetically modified products and everything that is toxic (alcohol, sugar, refined cereals, industrial coffee, industrial deodorants, artificial sweeteners, cleaning chemicals, industrial cigarettes …

Awakening and developing this inner vision is a concrete action.

We cannot have a clear mind with dirty blood.

Healthy blood generates a healthy, positive mind, allows us to fully enjoy our family, friends, work, leisure and ourselves. It is only with a constructive mind that we can have emotional health.

Thanks to a healthy blood our heart can express joy, understanding, unconditional love, compassion, clarity…

From this action, our whole being can flourish and develop harmoniously.

A positive mind is an ally

By making this choice, we will allow our inner vision to see the world with another gaze, beyond the limits and conditioning of our thoughts and beliefs.

A constructive and positive mind is an ally and not a threat. We can create or realize all the planes of our being to develop and increase the expansion of our consciousness.

The clarity of the inner vision, destroys all the doubts and fears that chain us to a false reality, reveals to us who we really are and how we can act. Thus, healthy or clear thinking materializes in the creation of a coherent reality and in harmony with the Universe.

An infinite dimension

Deeper, but the inner vision gives access to Information or Akashic memories that represent the history of the evolution of the Universe and of the entire living from the origin. This consciousness is open, to healing, to intuition or clairvoyance and allows through it that knowledge and talents circulate.

On this path of self-knowledge, inner vision is the key to being aware of what has been achieved and what is to come. It allows us to take the necessary step back to put ourselves at the right point in our path, discard what no longer serves us, set the next objectives and take the necessary measures to move forward.

Pure beauty, pure harmony, pure joy of knowing and recognizing ourselves. That is the inner vision, an infinite dimension.

Overcoming past traumas

These negative past traumas are recorded in our cells. They change our personality and also affect our future attitude and behavior in similar situations.

Instead of avoiding or fleeing from these situations as a defense mechanism, we assimilate them psychically thanks to a work accompanied by the Grandmother Medicine.

Properties of Grandmother Medicine

  • Allows us to become aware of memories, of past repressed traumas, often from childhood, early adolescence or pain experienced in close relationships as children or adults, also face them and prevent them from affecting us throughout our lives, discover the cause of the problem and reveal the solution, see the invisible and know the unknown
  • Balance mood, nervous system
  • Break the resistances
  • Connect to the infinite source of Wisdom
  • Correctly modulates the system of prefrontal-limbic circuits that is involved in the patho-physiology of affective and mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, emotional and cognitive processes
  • Decalcifies and blooms the pineal gland
  • Develops the sense of intuition, extrasensory perceptions, visualization, imagination, memories
  • Frees from feelings of guilt, depression, and negative or destructive addictions
  • Generates an altered or expanded state of consciousness
  • Gives a vision, a depth and a dimension of the subtle worlds, the necessary support, intervening on the levels where we need help.
  • Helps to get out of the problems of adding synthetic substances
  • Improves understanding of personal habits, behaviors, and patterns
  • Inhibits tumor growth by reducing angiogenesis
  • Modifies our thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • Opens to the dimensions of the subtle worlds, the frontal chakra
  • Promotes the perception of visions
  • Promotes the perception of visions
  • Reduces the intensity of psychiatric symptoms, anxiety and fear
  • Regulates cortisol levels
  • Resolves family or coexistence conflicts within a community
  • Treats addictions to drugs, medications, alcohol, depression, post-traumatic stress and neurodegenerative diseases
  • Work with visualization, imagination, memories

Indications of Grandmother Medicine

  • Anger or anger
  • Anxiety
  • Compulsive behavior
  • Conflicts
  • Dependencies
  • Depression
  • Emotional blocks
  • Fears or phobias
  • Fight against parasites, physical as well as psychic
  • Intense panic
  • Make decisions
  • Mental self-conditioning
  • Negative or destructive addictions
  • Personality impairment
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder and also of the mind
  • Sedative
  • Trauma

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