2 March, 2022

Rapé is a therapy that aims to stimulate and regulate the neuro-vegetative system through an endonasal therapeutic technique.

Long before Cleopatra, in ancient Egypt it was recommended:

Honor our nostrils if we want to stay healthy.”

Thus, the method is named sympatico-therapy or nevrasology and is based on the understanding of the functional pathology of the neuro-vegetative system, which consists of a partial or general local imbalance of the sympathetic system, which governs the vitality and function of tissues.

In the range of reflexotherapy, snuff therapy occupies a privileged place, as are: acupuncture, auriculotherapy, reflexology, among others.

The principle that is maintained is that of its reflection: a reflex arc created, from any part of the body, acts on another point, organ or function, the regulation, the diffusion of energy.

It is in this perspective that sympathetic therapy is created, the assignment of points or areas of action in different parts of the body.

In the context of a disease or an organic imbalance

Many symptoms can appear in different parts of the body that do not seem to be related to the autonomic nervous system, but result from a neuro-vegetative imbalance, such as: hypertension, dysmenorrhea, gastritis, enteritis, colitis, tachycardia and even stress.

This therapy consists of making a series of contacts in the lining of the nostrils using snuff. The patient feels an energetic stimulation or a sensation of intense heat when the snuff powder is over the reflex area. This causes mydriasis (increase in the diameter of the pupil by contraction of the dilator muscle of the iris, whose fibers are radial).

The main touches of sympathetic therapy

Contact and transmission of influences (positive and negative) can be performed to relieve important nerves such as: auditory, eye motor, gastric vagus and those different from the tongue and mouth.

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7 Floors65.00153.00329.00
Velho cinnamon65.00153.00329.00
Holy Capim65.00153.00329.00
Cumaru of Cheiro65.00153.00329.00
Femenin strength65.00153.00329.00
7 Stars65.00153.00329.00
Nukini white rose65.00153.00329.00
Holy Wood65.00153.00329.00
Tsunu Bay65.00153.00329.00
Tsunu Yawanawa65.00153.00329.00
Paje´s Vein65.00153.00329.00

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