Achieve your synergies

22 June, 2022

In general to achieve your synergies, the amount of essential oil in a drop varies depending on the dropper used.

For a safe approach, the dilutions indicated by Centro Cauce are defined by a commercial dropper: one drop “from this type of dripper” is equivalent to about 40 milligrams.

1ml = 25 drops

5 ml = 125 drops

15 ml = 375 drops

Below, we can find the equivalences between the recommended dilutions and the number of drops “with a commercial dropper”.

Achieve your synergies

Dilution %5ml = 125gt10ml = 250gt20ml = 500gt30 ml = 750gt50ml = 1250 gt100ml = 2500gt
1%1gt2gt5 gt7 gt12 gt25gt
3%4 gt7 gt15 gt22 gt37 gt75 gt
5%6 gt12 gt25 gt37 gt62 gt125 gt
7%9 gt17 gt35 gt52 gt87 gt175 gt
10%12 gt25 gt50 gt75 gt125 gt250 gt
15%19 gt37 gt75 gt112 gt187 gt375 gt
20%25 gt50 gt100 gt150 gt250 gt500 gt
30%37 gt75 gt150 gt225 gt375 gt750 gt
50%62 gt125 gt250 gt375 gt625 gt1250 gt

But be careful because usually in the literature:

1 drop = 30mg

1ml = 30 drops

In pharmacy, the reference is the drop codex

1 drop codex = about 20-25 mg

1ml = 40-50 drops

Now we have all the correspondences to achieve your synergies and enjoy the benefits of essential oils.

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