Phase 1

16 September, 2022

In the phase 1, we will learn to have a good attitude to serve people who want to receive help in their lives.


The most important part is to attract the attention of the people. If you do not get their attention, no matter how good you are and to what extent our product is good for people, if you do not get attention from them, you will not evaluate, check, or share.

Traditionally advertising came from television, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc.

In this activity

It comes from us. The rule of the three meters to follow: “To be interested, to give solutions to each Person that is less than 3 meters from us“.   They can be friends, family, people you do not know, etc.

Another way, it is about provoking a direct response that can be measured and always includes a call to action.  Anything that can be measured can be improved. This is a key point!

It is not necessary to make paid campaigns, we can use many platforms to communicate messages to interest People to try, check this quantum accessory, being the easiest currently social networks.

What I am going to say now is super important.

When it comes to thinking about the content of the campaign, you are going to design it to guide the Person, you are going to tell them what to do if they want to find a solution to their problem.

No matter the quality of our presentation, if we do not tell the Person what she needs to do to make a profit or avoid a pain, she will be lost and will not take any action.

The Person does not care about the accessory if it is Nume, the person only cares about how it is going to solve its problems.

So, let us not start by telling her how good this accessory is or how good this opportunity is if she is not interested.

The people respond better to avoid pain than to develop a business.

For example

If a farmer has no money, he will respond better to a campaign that teaches him how to stop being without money and to avoid that suffering than to a campaign that teaches him how to obtain financial freedom.

May I explain?

Although the solution may be the same, the Person will respond better when you teach her to avoid her suffering than to develop a project.

Well, once you have responded to our call to action, where do I will take him or her?

End of the phase 1

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