7 July, 2022

Psoriasis consists of an overproduction of skin cells, creating a pile of dead cells, thicker skin, thicker red plaques or droplets and are also covered with fragments of whitish substances.

If we have psoriasis, we are part of the 2% of the population of the globe that suffers from this disease.

Also, we tend to be hypersensitive and have a great need for love and affection that is not filled, perhaps reminding us of another difficult time in our lives. At that point, we probably have a very great feeling of abandonment or being separated from someone or something we love very much.

Because psoriasis implies that there was double separation, that is, often in front of two different people. We may have been separated from our parents when we were children.

The skin is affected because, for us, when we were children, what we needed most was physical contact with our parents or with anyone else we loved and felt close to. The fact of being or feeling separated prevents us from having this contact, in particular in front of the touch, therefore of our skin, with these people we love. That is why psoriasis appears.

Now, we are so afraid of being hurt, that’s why we want to keep some distance between others.

Psoriasis is a beautiful way for our body to protect itself against an excess of physical approach and also to protect against our vulnerability.

Live an inner conflict between our needs for rapprochement and our fear which makes us put distances.
Must therefore free ourselves from certain mental patterns (a scheme of thought that causes events to be repeated in our lives) and attitudes that have accumulated and that, now, no longer have a reason to exist, since they are turned off and dead.

We must now accept our sensibility, learn to do things for ourselves and not just according to what others expect of us. And while psoriasis probably arose after a painful event or emotional shock, let’s accept that it’s part of the natural process of living, of growing, and that we’ll become stronger and more solid inside.


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