It is always a pleasure to receive a new contact and to be able to share our knowledge in the field of health and well-being.

Contact with Center Cauce

Faced with a growing number of requests, below we show you how you can contact Vanessa or Ananda, founding co-presidents of Centro Cauce, to advise you on the strategies of help and the implementation of the health method that we recommend.

You can also fill out the check we offer to learn more about your precise needs and send it to us by email.

Contact by email

Sending an email to Centro Cauce or Ananda

By Facebook

Also visit the Facebook page of Centro Cauce.

Contact by WhatsApp

If you would like to make an appointment for a Zoom interview. Or send a WhatsApp : 33 1977 5927, explaining the purpose of the interview.

Vanessa or Ananda will respond clearly to your message either by email or phone to respond to your needs with you.

If you have a question? Or do you simply want to share your life experience to receive more clarity or receive practical advice? Well, you can contact us using the following form:

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What time is best for you?

Leave us your details and we can contact you in the way that suits you best, at the time you choose.

Receive my warmest greetings.

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