Healing crisis

11 February, 2022

Cleansing and detoxification reactions

They are part of the body’s healing process. They are signs that the body is adjusting. The period of elimination of what is unnecessary for the body is called a “healing crisis.”

During this period, certain parts of the body help speed up the elimination process:

  • Digestive system changes the stool.
  • Urinary system transforms urine.
  • Skin perspires more.

The healing crisis

It is a process that is sometimes found after a therapy or treatment, although it is not consistent and can vary from one individual to another. This healing crisis can surprise a patient if they are misinformed during this purification phase.

During a healing crisis

The body will cleanse itself, creating a process of restoration. This is a period of elimination, extraction and purification of everything that hinders that has accumulated in a specific area of the organism or due to disease.

There is a change in body pattern, mainly after therapy or a great awakening of consciousness. The body keeps in memory everything that happens to it (cellular memory). It is mainly the crystallizations that are released, either by natural cell renewal (about 3 weeks), or by re-recording new information at the cellular level.

For example, in the case of illness or chronic pain, the healing crisis can “awaken” any past pain that you think was treated. 

In fact, this is an opportunity for the body to heal itself permanently.

Many toxins, toxins, heavy metals, drugs can be extracted… from the tissues of the body to the blood vessels to eliminate them.

Throughout this process, unpleasant symptoms may appear, including:

  • General fatigue.
  • Discomfort and headaches, back, joints, etc.
  • Skin discharge; profuse sweating and body odors.
  • Frequent need to urinate, diarrhea, or constipation.
  • Fever or feeling cold.
  • Temporary pause of the menstrual cycle or a decrease in sexual desire.
  • Mental irritability, restless dreams.

The detoxification process can bring back old problems. Often, this process inspires you to live a new life that puts an end to your old way of life.

As a result

The healing crisis may initially worsen the symptoms before noticing an improvement, and then the total disappearance of the symptoms.

There is nothing to fear and realize that the body is working to heal itself by replacing “old or damaged” tissue with “new” tissue.

Physical and mental reactions

That they can arise from a healing crisis usually indicate that deep work is being done.

Therefore, a healing crisis is a process that activates itself, where the physical body releases the accumulations and re-encodes the information in the cells.

It can take various forms, from physical symptoms (various body aches, illnesses) to emotional (mild depression, questions, extreme fatigue).

It should be noted that it is often expressed through the usual “channels of expression“. As a result, if you are fragile in the lungs, there is a high probability that the healing crisis process will be expressed through the lungs, which includes flu, cold, stomach flu, etc. … This increased probability of “expression” is the effect of changes in its information scheme through these pathologies, since it is through these pathologies that the “body” expressed emotional blockages.

Reactions to a healing crisis can be mild or severe, depending on what has been “ruled out.”  However, it is a positive sign as an update of the body’s “software” and “hardware” and ultimately purification.


The healing crisis can last from a few hours to a few days, depending on what needs to be evacuated and the modification of the information scheme that will be carried out.

Sometimes they can seem difficult and/or unpleasant, although it is a mandatory process and a sign of healing.

As a result, the duration of crises can vary, depending on the time required for integration. This timing varies depending on the care provided, the amount of information that will be re-encoded, and your overall ability.


The healing crisis is a transitional state where the body works to heal itself. You have to be aware of that, not fear it, just be patient and listen to yourself.

  • You should rest more than usual.
  • Drink more pure water (Puritii) to “drain” the body.
  • Eat healthy by choosing vegetables (Giving Greenand fresh fruits (MOA) to facilitate digestive work.
  • Take (Restoriix) to eliminate toxics, heavy metals, chemicals and others, (Probiotiix) to neutralize bad bacteria and thus allow the body to direct all its energy towards the work of detoxification.
  • Just listen to yourself: if you’re tired, rest. If you can, go to bed earlier, take the time to pamper yourself, read, relax.
  • Be kind to yourself!

To sum up, compassionately, clearly welcome all these trials and signs of positive change.

During this cleaning phase

  • Avoid any foods rich in protein and fat, as these foods are difficult to digest and put too much pressure on the body. Foods should be simple, light, and nutritious (like NewAge’s).
  • Relax, because the healing crisis accelerates if stress is reduced.
  • You must learn to recognize body language. For example, a persistent cough, persistent pain, blood in the stool or urine, depression, fear, mood swing, etc., are signs that you should share with the therapist who is helping you.


The body tells you a story of yourself.

If you want to know your thoughts from yesterday, look at your body today.

If you want to know your body tomorrow, look at your thoughts today.