15 March, 2023

Healy’s Zapper protocol harmonizes the parasitic bioenergetic field. It is a specific program that eliminates viruses, bacteria and parasites, from the largest to the smallest, because viruses live in bacteria that live in parasites.

The principle of the Zapper is to send an electrical wave of very low intensity into the body, corresponding to the resonant frequency of the organism to be eliminated.

Dr. Clark, a cancer specialist and bacteriologist, created a Vari-Zapper after discovering, through years of research, that many chronic and acute diseases were caused by parasitic loads.

The Zapper program can kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, etc., in a few minutes in the human body using a micro-current. During a zapping session pathogens die, or lose their strength, allowing the immune system to attack and eliminate them. Dr. Clark has also discovered that treatment with the Zapper has a stimulating effect on the immune system. It is also an interesting supplement for pain relief.

What is the operation of bio-frequencies based on?

Broadly speaking, the operation of the Zapper is based on the phenomenon of resonance.

With viruses, bacteria, parasites… According to the studies of Dr. Hulda Clark in the nineties of the last century, a similar phenomenon occurs.

Given an electric current of low intensity, but with the right frequency, these parasites could enter into resonance mechanically and thus separate their elements. Literally their membranes and constituent parts were separated and destroyed by entering vibration or resonance with the appropriate frequency, thus leaving the pathogen deactivated.

A single frequency, for example 30 kHz, is not enough to treat all diseases and hence the need for Zapper equipment that is multi-frequency. Like him from Healy (zapper protocol in The Power of Tree).

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