Phase 7

17 September, 2022

In phase 7 we will learn how to attract the People we love in our community.


All right, so far we’ve seen that the most effective way to succeed in this field is to learn how to use tools efficiently.

The curious thing is that the vast majority of people who use this tool, do not know it or very little.

I’ll take an example to better understand this: Well, suppose we have a Ferrari and we want to sell it.

We get into the Ferrari and go to a small town and start offering it to people. It did not occur to us to think that we are in a town that has very few economic means and that people can not pay this car at the price we ask, they can only invest 1% of its value.

If we want

To sell the Nume accessory that has a certain value that is not available to everyone, we could not sell it to those who cannot afford it.

These People to be able to acquire it, we have to make it accessible. For that, the Person can share it and so we are going to give one for her, so that she can have her own. We will lend accessories to your People to test and so we support them.

Now if we find ourselves in this situation, if we start and go to see a Person, to offer this service of love, that has no value to her until she feels it in her life. We must touch his heart, until his heart opens and he receives this love that we share. Few people leave their comfort zone to acquire new knowledge and live new experiences! A large percentage of people prefer to stick with what they know (conservatism).

Similarly, when we approach the People we know and who know us, it is very likely that most of them are not interested in what we offer.

What happens now if, instead of seeing someone who is not interested in what we offer, we go to someone who really needs it and receives it with gratitude?

We’re going to feel so much better!

The more we help People get what they want, the more we get what we want.”

That is why it is essential that we learn to attract the right People who can appreciate what we have to offer, our love, our heart.

The heart is all I have!

Why it’s good to attract people who like what we offer:

  • Grow personally
  • Are willing to invest for better results
  • Like to help others
  • Want to have more satisfaction in their life
  • Know how to invest to prosper

End of the phase 7

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