Chapter 3

16 September, 2022

In chapter 3 we will learn how to be effective to have the best results in the development of our team.


It is true that every problem attracts a hidden opportunity. But also, every opportunity brings one or more problems.

Example, if we invest in a new car, to go from one place to another faster. He knows very well that having a car is not the only thing, it will need a safe place to be parked, therefore, we will need to rent a parking space, or to pay an insurance, to buy gasoline, to have the revisions and all kinds of repairs…

It is the same when we will develop this activity, we must register by making an investment of a certain number of products to share them, if we do not share them, we will not be able to harvest or to have results.  This tool gives you the possibility to invest less than a traditional company, but we must invest a minimum. You do not need to rent a place, to pay for insurance, gasoline, we do not need to do any revision or repair…  Our initial investment (is to get enough Nume accessories to share this blessing and help the maximum of People) and one monthly product (which we can share to a new person, animal, child …). This kind of Investment is much less important than a regular business, a car, a house, or something else. But we can receive much more than all these things!

For this investment to be profitable, you must share it with as many People as possible and that these People do the same with others.

First, how do you define a “system”? (Chapter 3)

In a simplified way, a system is a series of standardized tools with instructions.

A system can be anything that has tools in common and instructions for using it correctly.

If you are interested in receiving this training, it is because you certainly want to help people who are interested in receiving what we propose correctly.

So, we just need to update our system.

Our service is :

  1. To Promote the system within our team, which leads to more results and greater benefits.
  2.  It teaches leadership skills and competencies to help our new members become professionals. This allows you to have more Leaders or Exemplary People on the team.

If you have learned several lessons from this training, the investment is worth it.

All those who take a Nume kit do not want to buy Nume accessories: they want to share well-being or blessings to help others. Then, if we want to share more Nume accessories, we must publish or communicate about how to properly use or share this accessory, let’s not focus on the product directly.

People do not come for the product or the business opportunity, but for the solution that the accessory provides.

Every major brand does the same:

  • Coca-Cola doesn’t really sell soda; it sells happiness.
  • Mercedes-Benz does not sell cars; it sells excellence and status.
  • Netflix does not sell cinemas on demand; they sell show in the comfort from your sofa.
  • Rolex does not sell watches; it sells luxury and status.
  • Ferrari does not sell cars; it sells unique sensations behind the wheel.
  • Nume does not sell products but shares blessings or solutions to the problems that people are currently experiencing.

People are interested because they want to end their suffering or also to enjoy the benefits that come from bringing a solution to suffering.

You do not sell products, share blessings to get out of suffering.

Right now that we better understand what we really offer, that is a solution to the present problems in the world, in our family, in our friends life, to each person who knows what suffering is and still does not know how to be out of it, I will tell you about this wonderful tool and the following-up.

New Generation Marketing (Chapter 3)

Many People think that marketing or sales are something that manipulates with tricks to get those People to buy.

This point of view is steeped in victimhood and is far from reality.

This practical, ethical tool is sustainable in the long term and works around one thing: Building trust

The process can be summarized as something that turns foreigners into friends, friends into solidarity and solidarity into people who participate in sharing this blessing.

This activity is like the beauty that attracts us or like a wedding.

Before asking for a person’s hand to marry us, we must take the time to build deep trust and add value to the relationship.

One of the mistakes some do is that they fail just focusing in generating the maximum number of sales. They do not take care of the needs of the Persons. they just think of themselves.

They make a presentation in front of an audience and want these companies do to start on the same day, is to sign the distributor contract so they buy the products during the presentation. But the reality is that they cannot compromise for a thousand reasons.

When a Person says “no” or “no at this time”, an amateur accepts this no and goes to another Person without paying more attention to it.

A professional says,Okay, no problem, I respect your decision.”

The difference between the amateur and the professional is that the professional knows that success is in the follow-up and therefore has a system to provide valuation and create trust with a long-term perspective.

The amateur can, however, make a follow-up call after a few days and will completely forget about the Person.

You understand better in the next chapter seeing what the difference between conservative marketing and next-generation marketing is.

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