5 July, 2022

The chakras are centers that transmit and receive different types of energy. This energy flows through the body through channels. Depending on the type of energy and the chakra we are working on, we will have a different impact on our health and our emotions.

The chakras are connected to different organs and are responsible for certain areas of our life. They are related to each other.

We have imbalances or blockages in us that indicate that our vital energy is disturbed. This can lead to physical, emotional and mental disorders.

Chakra imbalances

Our physical, mental and spiritual condition influences our chakras and vice versa. The chakras work in harmony. We do not feel a single chakra but the harmony of their collaboration.

However, sometimes one chakra is overactive and invades another. The latter will be reduced and this is what creates an imbalance. These imbalances turn off our vital energies, which is felt throughout our lives. As with physical pain, excess emotions or mental consequences.

Causes of chakra imbalances

The chakras may be blocked, too large, too small, excessively irritated or too sleepy, immobile or hyperactive, too powerful or too weak.

They can be caused by trauma, triggering strong emotions and resulting in physical pain. But other reasons can be the cause of these imbalances such as stress, lack of sleep, repressed emotions, poor diet and many others.

Chakra balance

To maintain a good energy balance, it’s important to have a healthy lifestyle, get enough sleep, eat healthy, and maintain a good overall emotional balance.

So become aware that it is important to take care of your energy health to improve your life and well-being. And the chakras allow us to learn to balance and maintain our energy health.

Balancing all these chakras allows us to be in harmony with ourselves, with our environment and with others. But also to feel fully satisfied with life so as not to have pain or illness.

Link between the chakras and the physical body

On a physical level, they are connected to the endocrine system (system that releases hormones into the blood).

What connects physical activities are our hormones, and it is they that stimulate the processes in the body.

Here you have a presentation of each of the main ones, to better understand the action of each of them on our body.


Root, located on the pelvic floor, allows the growth of strength in the long term, it is also the door of life and death.  It is connected to the Earth element.

Sacral, located in the lower part of the belly, below the navel and between the spines of the 2nd and 3rd lumbar vertebra.  It is the gate of light or the destiny of life, but also the energetic ocean.  It is connected to the Water element.

Solar, located halfway on the line between the xiphoid and the navel, as well as on the spine at the level of the 11th thoracic vertebra. He is the central vessel, the master of the mind. It is connected to the Fire element.

Cardiac, located above the sternum, at the level of the 4th intercostal space, in the line that joins the two nipples and in the spine at the level of the 6th thoracic vertebra. It is the meeting of energy or the door of sincerity, but also the pantheon of the soul. It is connected to the Air element.

Throat, located in the center of the sternal cleft, 1/2 inch above the sternal triangle and in the neck, between the cricoid cartilage and the mandibular side, but also in the spine at the level of the 7th cervical vertebra. It is the gate of heavenly elevation. It is connected to the Ether element.

Frontal, located between the two eyebrows and in the depression under the occipital tuberosity. It is the palace of spirit and wind. It is connected to the Light element.

Crown, located in the center of the skull between the line above both ears. It is the door of all encounters, of unity. It is connected to the Primordial Vibration element.

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