Cultural exchanges

Cultural exchanges are very important to us

First of all, cultural exchanges make it possible to promote different cultures, crafts, arts, teachings, music, products, knowledge, projects… strengthen fraternal ties and deepen communication with people from different countries.

Because art and culture have no language barriers, it is a good option to overcome the obstacles encountered in this world.

Training project

The reason is to encourage countries to enter into this enriching transaction at all levels. In addition, we connect with these communities to help them develop, make their culture known on a global level and make them unite with other cultures.

Professional visit

Therefore, our vision is to expand and deepen the knowledge, history, social development and soul of each country.

Cooperation plans

We also provide resources and financial assistance to Indigenous communities, while respecting their dignity and knowledge or skills.

Cultural exchange collaborations

Thus, cultural and artistic groups who wish to engage and deepen exchanges with us can apply for the funding we offer, or come to our Centre to carry out cultural activities.

Projects to promote cultural exchanges

Through our office, we collaborate with everyone; and we also organize together different activities to promote their culture. Finally, intensify exchanges through a network of cooperations.


In Centro Cauce, we listen to those in need, we take the time to understand what they want, without imposing our point of view.

In Centro Cauce, we listen to those in need, we take the time to understand what they want, without imposing our point of view.

We promote alternative or ancestral medicines and local resources.

Let us support the study and protection of local medicinal plants, traditional medicines adapted to the pathologies of the country, the creation of medicinal gardens, free energies, etc.

Let us respect and transmit local knowledge.

Let’s preserve the environment.

For us, local plants contribute to the empowerment of populations and ensure care accessible to as many people as possible.

You can visit us at this address

Centro Cauce or go to the Sarasvatî shop – Calle Virgen 3660 la calma Zapopan in Jalisco 45070 Mexico

Or contact us by WhatsApp: 33 1977 5927

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