Mother tincture

Medicinal plants are used to heal diseases. When they become mother tincture, their benefits are multiplied.

Today, the use of medicinal plants continues to cure certain diseases. However, it is already part of ancestral medicine. The most common is to consume them through the preparation of different varieties of infusions. But, they can be used as a mother tincture, especially to take advantage of the power of these plants by means of small drops.

What mother tincture does Centro Cauce have?

The liquid extract or solution of the active substances contained in a plant is called a mother tincture. In this case we use different parts of the plant, that is, seeds, flowers, leaves and even root.

By doing this, most of the medicinal properties are concentrated. The plant used is fresh or dried, mezcal is used to extract all the active ingredients.


As for the ingredients, for its elaboration we only select some medicinal plants to do our work with ancestral Medicine, and the Mezcal solution that has many medicinal properties.

For its part, the Mezcal we use comes from the desert of must be of good quality, preferably a solution suitable for human consumption.

In Centro Cauce we mix the plant with Wirikuta mezcal, it is one of the most sacred territories of the cosmogony of the Wixarika indians.

In a tinted glass container the plant is introduced and the pure Mezcal is poured. The objective of Mezcal is to extract most of the active ingredients contained in the medicinal plant. In addition, it serves as a perfect preservative that allows to preserve the tincture for a long period of time.

After closing the container properly, let the mixture macerate for several months or even years. This is why our dyes are of high quality. In addition, we store the container in a cool place, away from moisture and especially out of direct sunlight. Before putting it in its presentation bottle, we filter it so that we can ingest only the solution extracted from the plant.

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