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What is this Cauce Holistic Center doing?

This Holistic Center is dedicated to self-knowledge, health, the development of being, quality of life, inner peace through natural and ancestral practices.


Cauce’s Mission is to offer a pedagogical or educational program to live a better life.


The main vision of Cauce is directed in the direction of the development of health, prosperity, dignity and also inner peace; because he knows that when a person possesses health, he acquires the possibility to prosper, to live a life with dignity and in peace.


This holistic center is committed to each candidate who visits you, so that you can improve, grow, thrive, ascend to reach greater potential.

Cauce Holistic Center Program

The Cauce Holistic Center program is designed to develop health, spirituality, release limiting programs and also improve the quality of life at all levels.

Essence of Cauce Holistic Center

First, values of his personality : Responsible, committed, honest

Second, concepts of its visual identity : Quality, intimacy, professionalism, closeness, experience and tranquility or peace.

Third, his personality :

  • Relaxed
  • Fresh
  • Spring Soul
  • Expert
  • Responsible
  • Cautious
  • Measured
  • Disciplined
  • You have the floor
  • Is trusted
  • Has ethics
  • Guide or teacher

Your Benefits

  • Functional : Healthy at all levels.
  • Emotional : Makes you feel free.
  • Mental : Allows beings to direct their lives in the material world.
  • Spiritual : Connects with the source of Life.


His promise : To accompany all people, who trust us, to have all the elements to realize their dreams, to modify their quality of life, through the development of their being.

Finally its attributes :

  • Center for Ancestral Medicines
  • Health with bioenergetic medicines
  • Personalized aromatherapy
  • Cellular nutrition and bioenergetics
  • Meditation
  • Personal development


Ananda Buddhi


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