About the Centro Cauce blog

This blog is dedicated to Applied Holistic Ancestral Medicine, a solution to transform people’s lives, thanks to contact with Nature, which encourages and helps us concretely in our search for peace and personal fulfillment.

This blog is a space for inspiration and exchange that also offers a selection of content that touches and resonates deep within our being.

Message from Centro Cauce

In the blog of Centro Cauce you will find messages of peace and wisdom very old, but of great relevance, because it responds to our fundamental need.

There are dreams that we have not yet dreamed. Also, there are some ideas we haven’t thought about yet. In addition, there are trips that we never imagined doing. But to start these journeys, you really have to be satisfied, be satisfied. Yes, Centro Cauce dreams that all peoples, that all people on earth live in peace. You may think that it is ambitious, that it is an impossible ideal, but it is the only ideal worth having, because if people think it is impossible, then yes, it is definitely a cause that Centro Cauce achieves through its works.

Through this blog you will discover that peace is possible. You will discover that in order to have peace on the outside, you must have it on the inside.


Here you will find some elements presented, which are the basis of his teaching he offers. To learn more about it, we invite you to explore the Centro Cauce website.

If you are also interested in the work of Ananda Buddhi and would like to participate, you can write to us at

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Or by WhatsApp : 33 1977 5927

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