Golden Book

The Golden Book is a key element of the Spirit of Centro Cauce

The golden book reflects the experience or response of each Patient.

Contains the knowledge that the Candidates have accumulated during their internal work stage.

Is a compilation of the quintessence of the achievement of each Member where the important facts and experiences of the Seekers are recorded.

Contains the experience of each of them, who are satisfied with their arrival at Centro Cauce and want to leave a mark of their presence and transmit their experiences to future Aspirants.

The Golden Book of Centro Cauce is made for People who wish to actively participate in an interior work.

Each experience is like a drop of water, which together becomes a spring, a stream, a river, an ocean, a Book of Gold.

Living a deep and authentic experience is what it takes to make a Golden Book.

All the members of Centro Cauce contribute to its writing and contribute the elements that compose it. It is updated periodically.


Ale Minjarez

For me the experience is extremely beautiful.

There are no words to describe since it is touching heaven and thereby knowing that God is within us.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ana & Roxana | CA – USA

Ananda and Vanessa

Very grateful to you two for such an amazing experience. The love – peace and divinity that I felt this weekend will accompany me all my life.

The depth of work and self-understanding and growth have been a gift I will treasure forever! I wish you the best that life has to offer and a blessed path to continue this majestic work!

We love you!

Andres Ramirez

Coming to Centro Cauce has represented the impulse I needed to create a better life for myself and thus be able to feel full with myself. I am very grateful for the accompaniment that Vane and Ananda provide to always integrate what is lived during the ceremonies. Thanks a lot!

Angels | CDMX

Centro Cauce beings of great peace, light, with that confidence that can give you to be in your own being.

Thank you very much Vanessa and Ananda for that healing spirit, of harmony and love.

Arthur | CDMX

Cauce has taught me that strength comes from the inside out.

The company has always helped me by guiding me through love and compassion. And above all evolution as a human being.

Always grateful.


My Experience was nothing but love and gratitude, you really feel love in this place.

I thank with my soul the guardians of this place.

Cynthia | CDMX

Centro Cauce is a magical spiritual space that allows you to contact lovingly with the essence and transforming light, an invaluable experience on this path of life.

Thank you very much for all the light and wisdom – with love.

Darren | Hong Kong, China

A big hug to Vanessa and Ananda for sharing their time, knowledge and love throughout this process.

Thank you for being living examples of true divine creations full of light. You have inspired me with the teachings and opened a beautiful door for me with your guidance on my spiritual path. This has been special, thank you for being special!

Body is clean to receive more blessings.

Mind is clear and cheerful to do things, that serves me.

Alma is awake to start a path that will cross again.

I wish you both nothing but good health, prosperity and a beautiful life.

May we all live in love and harmony.


Thank you for one of the best experiences of my life!!!

It was absolutely amazing. Thank you for all your work.

Thank you for your devotion to helping us heal all.

I can’t wait until medicine brings us back together.



For me it was a renewal. I am complete, satisfied, totally renewed. I will return to Centro Cauce.


Thank you for a beautiful place, which connects me with my origin that is God.


Very enriching the Medicine of liberation. Only light, medicine, healing and peace.

Thank you Ananda.


I thank Centro Cauce for their support and for sharing their Medicine.

Infinite thanks, I take a lot, Blessings.


Healing, love, peace, wisdom, brotherhood.

Infinite thanks! Thank you.

Jesus Velazquez

They have simply made an immense difference in who I was and who I am now.

Thank you Centro Cauce.


Vane and Ananda

Thank you very much for sharing these Ancestral Medicine. It’s hard to put into words the benefits, blessings, joys, and health they’ve brought to my physical, sentimental, mental, and spiritual life. Thanks a lot!

I love you very much and will continue to learn from you!

With a lot of love


I am grateful for this space-time in which I met great and incredible people for whom my well-being is on the rise every day.

Thank you for helping me to be well. I hope to return to this beautiful place soon. Blessings.


Centro Cauce has encouraged me to discipline and respect my being and contact with medicines for my healing path.


A place of healing with a very beautiful vibration, of love and compassion, a place where you can connect with your being with the guidance of Ananda and Durga.

Thank you, Thank you, thank you.


Best experience in 6 years.

To meditate is to live.


I thought it was a wonderful experience, I found what I was looking for. The reunion with myself and my inner peace.

I thank my guides who gave all their support and love.

I thank God who gave me the opportunity to live this experience of love. Thank you.


What an amazing time and experience. I feel truly blessed to have been touched by the two of you. Many healings and blessings I will treasure forever. Thank you for your work and unconditional love.

I look forward to our next encounter in my evolutionary process.



I thank Centro Cauce, I leave calm, relaxed, wanting to follow this process of self-knowledge and improve my life in all aspects.

Blessings today and always.


Take the bioenergetic nutrition course. I am mainly in the subject however I consider it to be valuable information for the care of our health.

The instructor has been very kind in teaching it.

I will be taking the second course again!

I appreciate your kindness.


I am totally grateful to you. You really feel the love and energy in this place.

I leave more than satisfied and very happy. Thank you!


A speechless experience that is enjoyed in a big way.

Grateful for the people who looked after me.

Much peace in my person I found and much joy to start with my mission.


I thank Centro Cauce for the excellent experience, each emotional and spiritual space.

The road is still long, but with perseverance I will be able to arrive.

Saul Perez

Centro Cauce temple of self-knowledge, love, service and reminder of our being of light.

Excellent Guides and Teachers.

Those who have participated in an interior work in Centro Cauce and have not shared their testimony, can do so by sending it to this email address of Centro Cauce

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