Durga begins her inner research very young, always connected with the Divine but finds her spiritual path through ancestral Medicine and service from 2012.

She currently shares his life with Ananda Buddhi and together they serve people in search of their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health to traverse Centro Cauce, at the International level. More and more people from all over the world, come to the Center to study ancestral Medicine, improve their health, connect with their real self and also learn the service practiced with love and devotion.

She is also the mother of three children, two women + a son and a granddaughter until now.

He works every day to improve himself, in the service of love and devotion to the Divine.

Durga Academic Background

1979 -1985 Classical Ballet School

London Guadalajara

Helen Hoth

1987 – 1992  Bachelor’s Degree in Public Accounting

University of Guadalajara

1992 – 1995  Piano Studies

Leonor Montijo

1997 – 2001 Waldorf School Pedagogy


Toronto, Canada

San Diego, CA

2010 -2012  Master of Business Administration

Institute of Specialization for Executives


1993 – 1995 Accounting

Premier Group

2001 – 2007  Waldorf Pedagogy

Ac Story Garden

2007 – 2012 Business Administration 

Premier Group

2011 – 2016 Bikram Yoga

Studio in Guadalajara

2012 – 2015 Ancestral Medicines

Masters of South America

2012 – until now Ancestral Medicines with Ananda Buddhi

2014 – until now Administrative Coordination and Operational Service of Centro Cauce

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