Phase 4

17 September, 2022

In phase 4 we will learn how to make a success of our service to help the people who accompany us to generate their own team.

HOW TO SUCCEED (phase 4)

The biggest mistake we can make is not controlling and not knowing what each Person we share costs us.

The vast majority of people put up an ad and cross their fingers to receive results.

Generally crossing your fingers for results is not usually a good strategy.

Most people when they start in this activity, they are usually quite bad economically.

If we take into account the purchase costs to start and monthly, we add the additional expenses, events, trips … we understand why the vast majority do not last long and abandon or say (I want but I can’t invest to begin with!).

Having an elite accessory is a very important part, it serves several purposes:

  • When a Person still does not know us well enough, it is much easier for them to share the Nume accessory than a business opportunity that is a greater investment.
  • The Person shares the Nume accessory, which requires less commitment on your part to advance your relationship with us and test the valuable content we provide to you.
  • Making this first transaction gives us the opportunity to build more trust with it, so that we benefit from a long-term perspective.
  • Also, this step is very important because it is always easier to share this solution by fasting this Person to share as well. Especially if she has no financial means.

Start slowly (phase 4)

It is much more effective to start slowly. We give confidence, we give valorization. And then we can help the Person participate in sharing this service of love.

The other great advantage of having this elite accessory is that we will cover all or almost all of the expenses of our initial investment.

This means we could attract new people for free!

Which means that we can attract as many People who participate in the dissemination of this blessing as we want.

The goal of spreading the elite Nume accessory is to do two things:

  1. Recover our investment
  2. Motivate people who want to help others find solutions to their problems.

For that, there are two solutions:

  1. Create it, if we already feel motivated and confident enough to do so.
  2. Or develop a team of motivated people to help others or serve with love.

Remember that 92% of people are looking for information, we will give free information or as economically accessible as possible.

This will give us the opportunity to initiate continuous communication and take them to the Nume accessory.

This will allow us to identify the People who are most motivated to experience our offer. We continue to provide them with appreciation, training and thank them.

End of the phase 4

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