9 July, 2022

Pains are important symptoms that can appear anywhere on the body.

Whatever the pains, it is linked to an imbalance of emotional or mental order, to a deep feeling of guilt or sorrow. It is a form of internal anguish and, feeling guilty of having done something, of having spoken or even of having had “unhealthy” or “negative” thoughts,  we punish ourselves by unconsciously showing more or less intense pain.

The question we must ask ourselves is: Are we really guilty? And what?

The pains currently experienced only disguises the true cause: guilt.

Our thoughts are very powerful and we must remain open to properly identify these faults. We must not avoid them, but face them, because they are fears that we must integrate.

The pains in our bones shows that a situation affects us in our structure, the fundamental framework in which our entire being is built. Therefore, it also refers to the structure of the fundamental laws and principles with which we must compromise every day and which are applied by the authority to allow us to have some support and for order to reign. It indicates that we are affected by criticism or abuse of power and feel victimized.

We are guided by the Universe. See others with love.

When pains manifests itself at the muscular level, it affects us on a mental level. Muscles are the reflection of who we are, what we believe and what we think to transform ourselves in life. Muscles represent the effort to produce and the work to be done to achieve our dream. If we have pain at this level, we have to ask ourselves what mental situations, what thought patterns are causing the events in our life to repeat themselves.

We resist change and avoid new experiences.

We need more confidence and determination in our lives to walk safely.

Every pains instantly connects us and forces us to feel what is going on in our body. In this sense, it is positive because it allows us to focus on ourselves, as a soul, and become aware.

If the pains is chronic, it simply means that from the onset of the pain, we have not realized its actual cause.

The longer we take to realize this, the more chronic the pain becomes.

It is important that we agree to verify its origin and that we remain open to solving the true cause. The place where the pain is located gives us indications of the true cause of it.

A pains generated by a void, is manifested because we have a lack in our life at the energetic and blood level.

On the other hand, the pains generated by a fullness indicates a blockage or stagnation of energy and blood (lack of circulation).  This pain will be sharper and more intense.


It must be borne in mind that an attack of external perverse energy can be internalized and a disease of internal origin can be externalized.

Every part of the body helps us understand what our higher self means to us through pain, illness, and emotions.

External pains

It manifests itself in the 4 limbs, head and back (areas plus yang), joints and meridians.

Attack or influenza by external perverse energy. Trauma

Cellular nutrition treatment

1 Probiotiix– 1 or 2 hours later

60 ml Tahiti Noni max

Giving Greens (2 measures daily)

Magnical-D (2 capsules daily)

Omega3+Q10 (2 capsules daily)

Vináli (2 capsules daily)

Internal pains

It manifests itself in the organs (pneumonia, infarction …), the chest and abdomen (areas more yin), the marrow and bone …

Stagnation of (energy, humidity, emotions, phlegm or mucus, food) that blocks the meridians or energy channels, organs or tissues…

Cellular nutrition treatment

1 Probiotiix – 1 or 2 hours later

60 ml Tahiti Noni max

Giving Greens (2 measures daily)

Magnical-D (2 capsules daily)

MOA (2 sachets daily)

Omega3+Q10 (2 capsules daily)

Restoriix on an empty stomach (1 daily dose)

Vináli (2 capsules daily)


Abdominal pains

For the child as for the adult, the evil of the womb demonstrates a feeling of abandonment, of loneliness. It is the refusal to communicate, the fear of not being heard. I can manage to talk to myself in order to give myself security and gain more confidence in myself. I also agree to communicate with my environment by letting love circulate towards others.

The intestine is the center of absorption and integration of food and food as well as thoughts, feelings and my current reality. Anything that causes me sadness, fear, confusion, rebellion, shame, or any other discordant thoughts or feelings can find a release and create intestinal problems. Digestion is done at this level, so if I have setbacks and that I feel like a victim of a “low blow”, of a “bad move”, or that I have the feeling that someone has made me “a bad pass”, I will have discomfort in the intestines because I will not digest simply! I will be particularly affected if it is a member of my family who is the “pig“.

Being able to digest this situation, it will be manifested by a problem at the level of my intestines. If my small intestine is affected, I may have a tendency to judge the situations that are presented to me by having very strong opinions regarding my notions of “good” and “evil”. I will also have a tendency to have the feeling of lacking many things in my life. The intestines (particularly the big intestine) are also linked to my ability to let go, to feel safe enough internally to be spontaneous.

My intestines symbolize the fact of letting the events in my life circulate. May have a very strong need to retain and control what happens to me. Cling to certain things, people or situations, even to live jealousy and possessiveness and my intestines are congested by everything I retain and that is no longer useful, being able to cause, among other things, constipation.

Learn to be autonomous and to tell myself that I have all the necessary resources inside me to create what I want. The only person I can have control over is myself!


As I age, it happens that my body loses its flexibility. I walk more difficultly, my dexterity deteriorates. What does my body mean to me? Am likely to feel regret for the elements of my past, to believe that I no longer have my place in this world, that it is time for me to stand. Also believe that life was better before. I refuse to see the beautiful things of today. My thoughts are oriented towards yesterday and I criticize the present. This rigidity in my way of thinking is transmitted to my whole being. I agree to open myself to changes and I think I still have to learn and give. Thus, my condition improves every day more.

Anal pains

Anal pains (called rectum colitis) are related to guilt. I hurt myself because I don’t think I’m effective enough to realize my wishes. It is a form of self-punishment, an irritation, the desire to condemn me in a way that manifests an internal wound, my sensitivity torn after a past event that I have not yet accepted. Live a deep sorrow that can lead to blood loss and even, in certain cases, hemorrhage. Can accept to take responsibility for my desires, stop devaluing myself in who I am and stop refusing to live and stop punishing myself uselessly. I could stop being uncomfortable with the “butt on fire” and start over again by accepting much more my past, present and to come experiences and thus run more in life.

Arms pains

Arm pains are linked to the difficulty of manifesting love in what I do, in my work or in my daily actions. It is an energy blockage, an inhibition to do something for myself or for others. I may then feel muscle stiffness, pain, or warmth (inflammation).

My arms become less mobile and more tense, my joints (shoulders, elbows) more painful. I know that the role of my arms is in their ability to take on the new situations and new experiences of my life. Perhaps you are reacting to a new situation; I no longer find my work motivating; I am frustrated or irritated because I cannot express myself properly, or because I have difficulty carrying out a project.

A situation that I describe as “failure” may be externalized by a pain in the arms. It is usually the bones of my arms that will be affected when I am not able to do as well as before a professional or sports activity in which I was excellent. I can’t take the people I love in my arms; I refuse to acknowledge that I am fed up with a situation that was disastrous for me (having tired arms).  

In general, having pain in your arms means too lame. Either it’s something I don’t take or I refuse to take. I no longer feel like communicating with others on the level of the heart, I doubt all my abilities to do anything. Going forward in life seems difficult to me. Pains are therefore an unconscious way of teaching what I suffer. Perhaps, I should “let go,” a situation, or a person I want  to “hold back” at all costs.

A difficulty with authority can manifest in the right arm, while it will be my left arm that will be affected if I live a conflict to express my love and kindness. Men have a natural tendency to want hyper – to develop the muscles of their arms that are a symbol of strength and power, which denotes their difficulty and their endurance in expressing the energy of the heart and the sweet side. Conversely, the thinner and weaker arms indicate to me a shyness in the expression of my emotions and a resistance in letting the energy run.

I restrain myself to sink into life and make the most of myself. My arms correspond more to my inner expression. My forehands, on the other hand, are connected with the external expression, the “doing”.  I roll up my sleeves and take action! Sweetness represents the inner side of my forearms, manifests my sensitivity and I may have doubts before physically expressing things in the Universe. Perhaps I should change my habits, or my way of doing and this is so difficult for me, because of my rigidity, that my forearms will also become rigid.

A skin irritation at the arm level is connected to a frustration or irritation in what I do or do not do, in the way I express myself and in what can happen to me after the intervention of others. Must manifest more love in what I do, invest myself, open myself with confidence to others, squeeze in my arms with love and affection the people I love (the image of the father who squeezes his son in testimony of love).  I remember that the action of squeezing someone is often therapeutic.

Esteem my beautiful qualities of communication, tenderness and openness. Focus on interesting activities. Exercise myself in seeing the good sides of any situation. Do it by performing that it is wonderful, that I am better than I thought. I change my ideas because I need it.

Back pain

The back represents the support and support of life. It is the place that protects me if I feel powerless in front of a person or a situation (I turn my back) in case of need. If my weight is excessive, if I lack “backing” or if I do not feel quite (affectively, monetarily, etc.), my back will react accordingly and certain pains (stiffness) may manifest. I can have a wide back and be able to receive or bow humbly, bow out of respect or acceptance.

No matter the reason, a back pain indicates that I want to perhaps save myself from something by placing it behind me, because it is with my back that I forget the experiences that caused me confusion or grief. Put everything that I do not want to see or let others see, thus playing ostrich. Am deeply hurt, currently unable to express these blocked emotions. Refuse to see what suits me! I agree now to release the energies held in the places that hurt me! A flexible but strong back indicates some mental flexibility and a great open-mindedness contrary to the dorsal rigidities that signify pride, power and refusal to give in.

Sitting well comfortably, I can have the feeling of being protected, in total safety.

However, even if my back serves to endure these undesirable things and play “ostrich”, I agree to see what bothers me and express it. By acting in this way, I free myself from the weight I was carrying. The position adopted gives indications about what I live and about my way of compromising with the situations of my life: if I am in reaction to authority, if I want to be right in front of someone or in front of something, I will “tense my back” out of pride. If, on the contrary, I live submission, if I am afraid, if I feel weak, I will “curve my back” and the bigger my worries, the more “my back will hurt”.

Certain people integrate life’s difficulties more into writing, dialogue, or exchange. I choose the medium that suits me best and let life flow in me to learn to express myself more and assert myself when I need it.

I accept that life sustains me at every moment and I “lift my shoulders”, knowing that I have the necessary strength to carry out all my projects.

Bladder pain

The bladder is the reservoir where urine is “waiting” to be released. It also represents the “waits” that I feed in front of life. Bladder problems tell me that I may have a tendency to cling to my old ideas, which I refuse to let go. I resist change because of my insecurity. The ailments show that I have been living anxiety for a long time and that it is time for me to freely release my negative emotions.

Undesirable. Thus, my bladder will prevent me from drowning in my own negativity. Urinary tract infections are the indication that I live many frustrations, grief and insecurity not expressed. I can question myself to know what I retain in my life and that I am interested in letting go.

These feelings may be lived in a situation in which what belongs to me and what I consider to be part of my territory are in cause. It can be, for example, a situation where I get “nauseous” every time I get home and it’s dirty and messy. The bladder also represents the field of personal relationships. It happens frequently therefore that these infections manifest themselves in the period near the honeymoon, during an annoying or conflictual relationship or even on the occasion of a breakup.

The honeymoon or a first sexual experience can bring various problems, even disappointments and can bring anger or resentment in front of my partner, as if I were responsible for my dissatisfaction. A breaking relationship is usually the conclusion of ” no-sayings,” repressed emotions within me. It is as if I sink my psychological problems into the depths of me, causing constant pressure.

I have to understand that by freeing myself from this pressure, I will inevitably feel a relief. I free myself from my old beliefs and make room for the new in my life.

Blood pain

Poor blood circulation indicates a lack of joie de vivre in my life. I feel asleep, my ideas are confused. To regain joy, I accept new ideas, I recognize the beauties that surround me, I smile at life.

Bones pains

Ailments or diseases of the bones reflect, including cancer of the bones, a rebellion against this authority to which I resist and against which I can even go to rebel, feeling unable or powerless to act in the face of a certain dictated situation, subject to certain laws or existing principles. I may wonder if I feel deeply upset or disturbed in relation to my basic beliefs, my intimate convictions. If an ailment or a disease affects my bones, I must ask myself in front of which facet or aspect of my person I devalue myself. If I look and analyze which part of the skeleton is affected, I will have a good indication as to what aspect of my existence is touched.

Breasts pains

When I feel pain in my breasts, I must ask myself if I am overprotective or domineering towards my children or my spouse. A cyst can occur if I feel guilty about maternity or if I have suffered an emotional impact. By wanting to excessively protect the people I love, I prevent them from living, I make the decisions in their place, I become a protective mother. I need to let the ones I love become autonomous so that they too can be responsible people.

Pains caused by gas

When I get hooked or want to hold back a person or a situation, it is as if I keep things that are undesirable and not beneficial to me and that manifest in the form of gases. I am afraid and hooked because I am anxious and I have the feeling that I am going to lose something or someone important, both on the affective, intellectual, material and spiritual planes. I also want to strive to “swallow” (figuratively) a situation, a person or an emotion that meets my principles and my consciousness. Consequence of this: I swell. I learn to build confidence and let go knowing that I always have what I need.

Clavicle pains

The collarbone is a long elongated “S” shaped bone that I find at shoulder level and linked to the sternum, above and in the center of the rib cage. By being directly attached to the shoulder of the collarbone, a pain in the collarbone signifies my anger against the responsibilities they give me and in front of which I can live a feeling of submission and obligation. Frequently, a fracture in the collarbone happens after a fall in the shoulder and indicates that I live a strong pressure for my responsibilities. The emotion engendered can lead me to think that I am going to “break” under the weight of my responsibilities.

I look at situations objectively and begin to understand that life cannot give me more responsibilities than I can take.

I make confidence and strive to find the solutions or another point of view that will help me better take life.

Ears pains

Otitis is an inflammation in one ear or both ears, and that is caused by the discomfort that I can experience in front of something that I hear or that I have heard lately. Otitis is frequent when I am a child, mainly due to what my parents can say to each other or what they say to me because I am often not able to express my disgust or frustration. Adult or child, although this pain can come from what I hear, it can also come from what I don’t hear, such as: “I love you”, “Congratulations for what you just did”, etc. In general, when I have an otitis, there is fluid that appears behind the eardrum. What I hear must then pass through this water before being heard.

This situation is the same as when I was a baby in my mother’s womb. Therefore, I seek, even unconsciously, due to otitis, to return to this privileged environment. Maybe I’d rather play deaf, cover my ears, so I don’t have to hear anymore. For my parents it is a sign that I am experiencing an inner conflict and it is important that they allow me to express what I am experiencing in order to bring about a rapid healing. As an adult, otitis allows me to ask myself questions about my inner voice and to see: “Do I hear it?”, “Do I receive messages that bother me and make me angry in relation to what I should do or in front of what ask to do?”

It is by listening, both internally and externally, that I can progress in life, this allowing me to be centered and avoid useless obstacles.

Eyelids pains

The eyelids cover and protect my eyes. Swollen eyelids are the sign that I am experiencing sadness that is expressed through tears, but I want to hold back, keep my pain inside. I must close my eyes when I want to rest or sleep, this movement being done voluntarily. But if my eyelids are permanently half closed, there is something or someone in my life that I want to run away from or that I don’t dare to face. If, in addition, I experience great stress, my eyelids have a tendency to blink more quickly.

I close my eyes to focus better, to internalize myself but it is also very important that I open them very wide to see all the beauties of the Universe and see all the possibilities that are presented to me.

Female pains

The feminine pains indicate to me that I feel difficulty in accepting to be a woman. I don’t even know how to express my femininity. I’m afraid to submit. However, I grew up in the environment of women who had to be “strong”, make decisions, etc. In fact, they wore the pants (it is said the person who directs or possesses the authority, for example in the home. So, when it is the woman who wears the pants in the home, this means that it is she who directs and makes the main decisions in the home).

Become aware that due to the education I received, I developed my masculine side much more or I committed myself to be the opposite of submission and to be myself assuming my masculine side to the detriment of my femininity.

I accept to be a woman because as a woman, I am whole and express my feelings. I can be strong and know how to give sweetness, love, understanding, etc. Each woman has her own way of expressing her femininity, I must choose mine. I will understand to what extent I am happy  to be a woman.

Genital pains

The difficulties I feel with my genital organs show me a fear, or guilt, shame, distrust, sorrow, anger, in relation to my sexuality, which runs the risk of translating into venereal diseases, frigidity, impotence, etc. This area is linked to my gonads (the testicles in men, the ovaries in women) and the sexual energy linked to sexuality is very powerful since its primary objective is to perpetuate the species. However, you may use this energy with bad intentions. The notion of pleasure linked to sexuality puts me in touch with one of my fundamental needs, pleasure, and connects me with my wounded inner child.

Thus, my sexuality can lead me to expose these fears, these wounds, these rejections that are part of me. I may not accept myself in the body (sex) that I am, I may experience an inner conflict between my physical desires and those of a religious or spiritual nature; if I am afraid to say “no” and if I have sex to avoid being rejected, afraid of losing someone’s love, only for a selfish goal, etc., all these situations can lead me to have difficulties at this level. There is an inner confusion or conflict, a difficulty in communication and sharing. I always feel respected, considered and I have difficulty giving people confidence.

Furthermore, if my parents wanted a daughter and that I am a boy or vice versa, or that I myself would have liked to be of the other sex, this can lead me to experience genital problems because I reject a part of my sexuality and I may feel guilty for being who I am. I must remove all guilt so that my sexuality becomes the expression of my loving qualities and the attention I bring to others.

It is important that love is present in my sexual experiences and also every time I look in a mirror to accept myself more and more as I am.

Glandular pains

A malfunction of one or of the glands tells me that I have difficulty finding a motivation, a “fuel”, to start a new project or take action in the face of a situation (I have a tendency to postpone until later). This can also be situated on the rational plane, in which I am confused and because I have difficulty seeing clearly what I should do. This manifests a certain inner insecurity. I learn to trust myself because I have all the qualities necessary to move forward and take action.

Gums pains

The gums serve as support for the teeth, their strength and their condition depends a lot on the condition of the gums. Pain in the gums can be linked either to a decision that I would have had to make a long time ago and that I put off until later, fearing the consequences that this decision may have on my life; or it is a decision that I have already made but that I do not execute. I am in a passive state of fear, insecurity, uncertainty about my future. Yes, my gums also bleed, I have a loss of joy in relation to these decisions in front of which I feel stretched, tormented.

Sensitive gums show my great emotional sensitivity and my vulnerability because I need a lot of love and I have the feeling of not receiving it or I am afraid of losing it. I need to assert myself and have more confidence in myself because the gums support the teeth and that these refer to decisions. I learn to trust myself in the decisions I make and also trust life, which brings me everything I need.

In this way I become more myself and learn to assert myself freely.

Head pains

There are several causes to headaches. For example, stress and tension when I try as hard as I can “to be” in a certain way or to “do” such a thing. The headache often appears when I try too hard to do something or when I am obsessed with what is coming and worries about what awaits me in the future. I live right now a lot of anxiety and worry. This way I can react to strong pressures exerted by situations or events around me. I can live an intense feeling of failure, doubt, self-hatred that gives life to criticism and, above all, self-criticism. I’m caught, “boxed in” in my head, I don’t like what I see, and I judge myself harshly, giving myself to “head blows”.  The headache can also come from the denial and suppression of my thoughts and feelings that I find unacceptable or disapproved of.

Either I don’t have the courage to express them, or I just don’t listen to them, because I rationalize, I intellectualize everything I live. “This is right, this is wrong!”  I want to perhaps understand too much, go too fast, want to know or have my questions answered right away.

But the time may not have come yet and I must develop my patience and confidence that everything happens at the right time. The headache also expresses negative emotions that are “caught in the trap”, in my head, such as insecurity, torment, excessive ambitions, the obsession to be perfect, which cause a blood dilation.

Finally, if I am afraid to face a certain reality, I will be able to find another place to take my attention and flee, this being the headache. A headache at the level of the forehead will refer more to a situation in my work or linked to my social role but if it is located laterally (near the temples), it is rather my emotional side (family, partner) that is involved. Whatever the cause, the headache is directly linked to my individuality and I must learn to be more patient and more flexible towards myself and others.

“My ideas are becoming clearer,” and I learn to give the place that corresponds to both my intellect and my emotions, to achieve balance. Then I will be more in harmony with myself, I will feel the head more liberated and lighter.

Heel pains

Heel is the rear end of the foot, on which we stand when walking. Vast majority of pain presented here has no apparent physical cause.

The person with heel pain wants to move forward and go towards her goals, but hesitates because she doesn’t feel supported. He is the type who likes to have someone’s consent or permission before acting. She feels guilty when she acts without the approval of others. On the other hand, he suffers if he has to stay in a certain place.

Your heel tells you that you can rely on yourself to make decisions and move forward. You are the best bra you can have. You don’t need to believe that to prove your love or to be loved, others must always agree with you. It is impossible for everyone to always agree. Life would be very boring if we all had the same opinion.

Remember that no one in the world is obliged to support you in your projects, but you are not obliged to support all your loved ones either. You can accept being followed closely, while moving forward by yourself.

Hips pains

It is in the hips where the movement of the legs begins, that is, walking. The legs are used to move freely. We can hold back from moving forward. Hence the indecision to move forward in life.

Due to hip problems, our body indicates a certain rigidity: we feel inflexibility in a situation or a person. It can come from a situation where we feel betrayed by someone or abandoned and it has affected us so much that we rethink our relationships with others. In addition, we are happy to set “new rules” to protect ourselves from being hurt again. We may be worried about the future: therefore, we feel anxiety when we have to make an important decision because we may feel that we are not going anywhere.

When we have pain in our hips, our body sends us a message. It helps us develop our awareness so that we can move forward in life with confidence and security and teaches us to be more flexible in making decisions, thus ensuring a better future.

When there is pain, there is guilt!

This is how pain in the hips, or hips that don’t move, can tell us that we are blocking our sexual pleasure out of fear or guilt. We can even experience impotence on a sexual level as in our ability to accept ourselves as we are, with our tastes, our desires, our pleasures.

We will be sexually and emotionally disturbed, thus preventing our hips from functioning normally. This helplessness can also be experienced in the fact that we don’t feel able to take our place and oppose someone or something. This situation forces us to think about the limits we set.

If the hip hurts more when we are standing, we want to stick to our decisions, but fear holds us back. If, on the other hand, the hip hurts more when sitting or lying down, this indicates that we are preventing ourselves from resting or taking a moment of rest when we need it.

The intensity of the pain is an indication of the degree of our defeatist attitude. We trust ourselves, we trust others and let’s go, throw them, we advance in our decisions. As we move forward we will know if our decision suits us and what to do if we change our minds. We must live a new experience to verify if what we want at that moment is beneficial for us or not. If we think, “It’s not going to go well,” we’ll never know if that’s what we should do. Instead of believing that we are not moving forward, let us be more aware of our progress. If we don’t believe it, let’s see if others think the same. Let’s be more flexible, that is, let’s agree to change our way of thinking with confidence; it will enlighten us a lot.

Let us remember: in life there are no mistakes, only experiences!

We find balance when we walk in life with confidence and serenity that we appreciate life for all that makes us live in each moment.

Let us live in balance with these experiences.

Intestines pains

The intestine is the center of absorption and integration of food and food as the center of thoughts, feelings and my current reality. Anything that causes me sadness, fear, confusion, rebellion, shame, or any other discordant thought or feeling can find a release and create intestinal problems.

Digestion is done at this level, so if I have setbacks and I feel like I’m the victim of a “cheap blow”, of a “bad move”, or that I have the feeling that someone has done me “a dirty trick”, I will have discomfort in the intestines because I will not digest simply! I will be particularly affected if it is a member of my family who is the “pig”. By being able to digest this situation, it will manifest itself as a problem at the level of my intestines. If my small intestine is affected, I may have a tendency to judge the situations that are presented to me by having very marked opinions in relation to my notions of “good” and “bad”. I will also have a tendency to feel that I lack many things in my life.

The intestines (particularly the large intestine) are also linked to my ability to let go, to feel safe enough inside to be spontaneous. My intestines symbolize the fact of letting events in my life circulate. May have a very strong need to retain and control what happens to me. Cling to certain things, people or situations, even to the point of experiencing jealousy and possessiveness and my intestines are congested by everything I retain and that is no longer useful, which can cause, among other things, constipation.

Learn to be autonomous and to tell myself that I have all the necessary resources inside me to create what I want. The only person I can have control over is myself!

Jaw pains

The jaws are essential bones to eat, to start the process of digestion and assimilation of what I take, be it the food or the reality that surrounds me. Jaw problems can happen when I clench my teeth because I repress things and inhibit all the energy related to anger, stubbornness, stubbornness and maybe then an unconscious desire to take revenge on someone or something. When my teeth squeak, I feel insecure.

My jaws may also be decalcifying or softening. They reveal to me how I can be too “soft” in some situations, in particular when I have the feeling that they laugh at me and that they did not pay attention to what I said. A great devaluation of myself follows. I can also feel dominated, being powerless to express myself, either because of my shyness or my fears. I may also be forbidden to speak, which I interpret as “what I have to say must be very uninteresting!!!”.

When my jaws lock, I am unable to express myself, to control what surrounds me, I repress my emotions. I must relax, let the energy flow freely.

Knees pains

If I have knee problems, I must ask myself to know if I am stubborn, rigid, proud. If my knees no longer respond, do I perhaps experience a conflict with authority (my boss, my parents, etc.) Am I afraid to take a certain action to go forward? Do I have the feeling that I should “bend” in a certain situation or should I “bend” in front of someone or something? If I have fluids at the level of my knees, I am emotionally inhibited against the natural flow of events (resistance to movement).  

If my knees are hurt, it may be arrogance, stubbornness, or a resistance that makes any progress and advancement stiff or painful. It may also devalue me, diminish me in front of my physique or my sports marks and then, there is a good chance that it will hurt my knees. Inflammation or pain may indicate a stiffness in front of the authority or system of laws in force.

I can often have the feeling that I must obey (e.g., in front of a parent, a teacher, boss, even the spouse, etc.)  and “I don’t feel like this at all”! I may live a mental conflict, a selfish obstinacy not to let flow or to give me. Bone or soft tissue damage is linked to a deep inner conflict and involves abandonment, at a deeper level, the abandonment of my ego and pride.

Therefore, if I want to eliminate the ailments that affect my knee, I must accept to open myself to the world around me and accept that I may have to change my way of being in certain aspects. In the case of hygroma that particularly affects nuns and monks, I must ask myself what conflict I live with my spirituality and the implications it entails in my life. The pain I feel every time I get on my knees (to pray for example) reminds me of my inner conflict and the need to decide for myself what I want in my life and make the appropriate changes.

I agree to kneel in front of someone or a situation, or perhaps simply, in front of life in general, so that I can receive help and open myself to a new reality that I could not see before since I was imprisoned in my own universe. And I have all the potential to accept new responsibilities. If I live frustration and guilt because I realize that I always want to be right and that my desire for higher social power is insatiable, I stand and question myself about my true values to return to the essentials and to allow myself to return to my heart instead of leaving all decisions to my rational side.

Legs pains

When there is difficulty with my legs, I should stop and ask myself the following: What is the current situation or what do I see coming that makes me fear the future? I resist change, I feel “paralyzed” and I can be so scared that I have the pleasure of “taking Villadiego”; but is this the real solution? With whom do I have rational difficulties that are a source of tension and conflict? I advance and evolve every day, every moment, and leg problems only show that there are currently obstacles that I must remove to continue my path towards greater happiness and greater harmony.

Whatever new situation presents itself to me, can I build confidence and move beyond my resistance to change?

Liver pains

The liver pains come from my own attitude. My accumulated frustrations, my hatreds, my jealousy, my restrained aggressiveness are activating factors of liver problems. These feelings hide fears that cannot be expressed otherwise. Have a tendency to criticize and judge others with ease. Complain constantly. Resist someone or something. Live a lot of disgust. I hardly accept such as they are. The joy of living is often non-existent because I am envious of others, which disturbs me and makes me sad. However, to what extent am I ready to make efforts, both on the material plane and in my spiritual walk?

I have not yet understood that what I reproach the other is only the reflection of myself. It’s just my mirror. I complain constantly and ask others to change. Where is my goodwill? What is the effort on my part? I also lack joie de vivre, simplicity. I will be able to develop liver cancer if all the emotions that are harmful to me “overwhelm” me for a long time. Often, it results from a conflict over family or money, especially when I’m afraid of missing something.

It is time for me to become aware that I must accept myself as I am and learn to love myself more.

Being capable of love and understanding towards myself opens the way to my understanding and the love of others. I regain the joy of living.

Mouth pains

The mouth is the door of the digestive system and the respiratory tract where I agree to take everything that is necessary to my physical existence (water, food, air) emotional and sensory (excitement, desires, tastes, appetites, needs, etc.).  Thus the ailments of the mouth are an indication that I show a certain narrowness of mind, that I have rigid ideas and opinions and that I have difficulty in taking and swallowing what is new (thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions).  

There is a situation that I cannot “swallow”: they are usually heard words that bothered or hurt me or words that I would have liked to hear and that were not said. Therefore I want to reply or respond and I don’t do it because I feel uncomfortable in the situation or simply because the occasion does not present itself. I stay therefore, “caught” with what I have to say. My body sends me the message that perhaps I manifest unhealthy ideas through my mouth, that I must change my attitude towards myself and others.

The typical example is canker (herpes) that usually manifests itself after stress or trauma during or after an intense nervous period or illness. It reveals to me the saddest and most irritable way in which I take everyday reality. I may feel “caught”, feel “locked up” in the situation (stuck), ruminate on an unpleasant situation for a long time, or truly need to regain my full freedom by saying what I have to say, even if it risks upsetting me. I can also “hunger” for love, affection, knowledge, spirituality, freedom, etc. If I have the feeling that what I need is not accessible or unrealistic, my hungry mouth will react to the feeling of lack I feel.

I take my place by staying open and flexible to what starts for me, to what is new, as long as it is in harmony.

Neck pains

Is the part of the body that supports the head. This link between body and mind is also the bridge that allows life to manifest, it is the living expression, which authorizes the most fundamental movement. It represents flexibility, adaptability and advance direction. It is multi-directional and broadens my outer view of the universe. I can see everything around me and, thanks to the flexibility of my neck, I can look at a situation from all angles (front, back…).  My point of view becomes more objective. A neck in good health allows me to make the best decisions.

Everything that gives life passes through the neck: air, water, food, blood and nerve circulations. It unites the head with the body and allows the free expression of self, the living word (voice) and love. The neck thus separates the abstract from the concrete, the material from the spiritual.

It is important to keep my neck in good health because it allows me to see my surroundings with an open mint, leaving aside any form of stubbornness and narrow-mindedness (stiff neck).  Since the throat is located at the level of the neck, if I have difficulty swallowing my emotions, if I “repress” them,  this can create a tension at the level of my neck where the energy center of communication is located. By corresponding the neck to conception, it also represents my feeling of belonging, my right to be on this earth, thus giving me a feeling of security and fulfillment.

Nerves pains

Neuralgia can be defined as a bad contact in the path of an electrical wire. The electrical wires represent all of our nerves. It is a sharp pain on a nerve caused by too strong tension in its course. If the nerve is cut, it is because the communication, the free circulation of energy in me is cut off. The place in which the pain is located indicates the kind of emotion involved. A feeling of guilt and the desire to always be in the norms established by society will often be the source of neuralgia. If it is located on an arm or hand, this tells me that a pressure (such as a commitment) or another emotion (such as helplessness) prevents me from “making” a decision or a harmonious direction in my life.

If the neuralgia is in a leg, a calf or a foot, it is one more step in a new direction that blocks the emotion and, consequently; the free circulation of energies in my life.

By becoming aware of the aspect of my life (by the part of the body affected) that is affected by anxiety or insecurity, I will be able to remedy it more easily and find the solutions and all the love that the situation asks of me.

Ovaries pains

Ovarian problems indicate a deep conflict about being a woman, expressing my femininity, or being a mother. I may also have left out the creative side that is present in me. It is as if I “cut off” a part of myself, because the ovaries are the beginning of the creation of life and are located in the pelvis, which is the region where I can give birth to a child, but also to new aspects of myself, where I can discover myself again. There may therefore be an internal conflict in the face of creation and the discovery of my own path. An ovarian cyst indicates the accumulation of emotional energy or contrary feelings, linked with the energy of the ovaries.

As for ovarian cancer, it can develop after an event in which I experienced the loss of a loved one. The parallel to ovarian cancer in men is cancer of the testicles. Often the loved one is one of my children who died in an accident, after an illness or an abortion. It could be a person with whom I am not related by blood but who “I love as much as if he were my son”. The feeling of loss can be experienced with an abstract element such as: “Since he has this new job, my husband is no longer at home, he comes back late, we hardly speak to each other anymore, he always has his work on his mind. I have lost my husband! If this goes on like this, the work will destroy our marriage…”

Therefore, “I have lost” the man I knew before and with whom he was happy, which I am no longer today. It may be the loss of a project you loved and aborted. And in fact, if he was the instigator of said project, when he spoke to others, it was “my baby”.

Whatever the situation, it is important that I accept all the feelings that inhabit me, that I express them so that my inner wound can heal and that I can turn towards the future with a more positive look and full of projects to be carried out.

Pregnancy pains

While pregnancy is often joyful and enriching, it can also be scary with your secret worries, doubts, fears, and anxieties, especially when it’s your first time. These unexpressed feelings will find a way out if, as a mother-to-be, I am unable to express them verbally.

Sometimes I may have the feeling that the challenges to accept are so great in relation to what I am capable of taking that I may unconsciously reject the child.

Here are some examples of ailments that you can experience during pregnancy: heartburn indicates a difficulty in swallowing the reality of what is happening; constipation reveals my fear of letting go, that I try to keep things as they are now even though I know that the arrival of a child brings major changes in my life; a painful sciatic nerve manifests my fear of moving forward, in the new direction that life brings me, gestational diabetes is the consequence of the sadness that I experience during this period.

It may also be that I am unhappy, that I am afraid of experiencing rejection when I see how my body changes and that I want the fact of being “fat or pregnant” to stop.

I learn to have confidence and accept that I have all the necessary instruments to be able to live this wonderful experience in joy and harmony.

Prostate pains

The prostate is linked to my feeling of potency and sexual ability. Since they are often older men who suffer from prostate disorders, I must ask myself: Am I satisfied and comfortable in my sexuality? Do I experience frustration, helplessness or perhaps even confusion in the face of my sexuality and also in the face of my search for a perhaps younger partner? Would it be better to leave everything?

Perhaps now I feel useless, ineffective, incapable of being a “true man.”  I live the intense fear of not being in the sexual norms implanted by society. I must learn to blame myself and to stop being tense about the “excellence” that society requires from me. I must become aware of my worth not according to my “sexual exploits” but by looking at all the beautiful human qualities I possess. If I have a difficulty in the prostate, I must ask myself if I live difficulty and guilt in front of my grandchildren or in front of my own children who, even adults, are still for me, “little ones” and “fragile”.  

I am afraid that these are in danger, either morally or physically, and especially in the face of any situation that may be linked to sexuality and that appears in my eyes as dirty or that comes out of the usual norms and established by society. If I do not have children or grandchildren, the difficulty can be experienced with a nephew or a child from the neighborhood that I consider “as part of the family”.

I must learn to make trust and the fact that I am afraid that something serious will happen or some harm to the people I love only attracts more the object of my fear.

I am confident that we are all guided and protected inwardly, including those for whom I care. This way I will prevent the development  of prostate cancer.

Respiration pains

My respiratory difficulties denote a conflict between the place I occupy in life and the one I would like to occupy.

This can also be a conflict between my material and spiritual desires or then a conflict between my desire to live and the desire to “leave everything”. I can feel stifled by the things I force myself to do or the people I feel compelled to meet.

Also, if my breathing difficulties are cyclical, I must ask myself what is the event or what is the person that activates them; what is it that “takes my breath away” unless you want to be “let me breathe”? I can become so exasperated that my breathing problems can become, often unconsciously, a way of manipulating my environment to get what I want. I can feel limited. So I will have difficulty breathing if I hesitate to give, share things or feelings.

I am afraid of taking, absorbing or merging new things into myself or perhaps life itself with all the joys it can bring. I must learn to let go of resistance, to let flow and abandon myself by trusting life.

Then I will be better able to find the place I have in the Universe.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is currently considered the most serious joint condition. It is usually generalized to the whole body instead of a single joint. The immune system is so sick that it begins to destroy itself, attacking the connective tissue of the joints (collagen), in such a way that the risk of generalized crippling with joint pain and swelling can be feared. It is directly an ailment of my own self, because the strong emotions of resentment and pain cannot be expressed.

Rheumatoid arthritis is linked to a profound self-hatred, long-inhibited hatred or rage, self-criticism so intense that it affects the most fundamental energy of my existence. I had experiences in which I felt ashamed or guilty. It is the manifestation of a much more important critique against authority or everything that authority represents for me: individual, government, etc. I refuse to bend to this authority, the consequences matter little! It is as if he was constantly ‘ruminating’ on authority, criticizing it.

My mobility becomes limited and I can’t express myself freely (particularly in the case of certain directions to take and that I have to communicate with my surroundings in a fluid and graceful way) because my joints are too painful. My body becomes rigid, just like my attitudes. I am not able to express my strong emotions and I have the feeling of being constantly oppressed and subjugated. So I adopt behaviors of recollection, self-sacrifice, and ruminate my emotions without being able to express them. “I serve as a propitiatory victim sacrificing myself to any cause”; They are always on top of me.

Opening at the heart level is essential if I want to release all the emotions that poison my existence. From now on, I regain my full power over my life, starting by loving myself and accepting myself as I am. I take my rightful place!

Scapula pains

The shoulder blade is a flat, long and thin bone forming part of the skeleton. With the clavicle, the shoulder blade serves to join the arm to the trunk. Feeling pain in this place can indicate a rebellion against authority, because I feel caught or crushed by it. Difficulties (fracture or other) in the shoulder blade can come from a contradiction between what I am, represented by the trunk, and what I want to express, represented by my arms, which are the extension of the energy of the heart. I agree to consider that I am in full me to manifest harmony in my life, in what I do.

Skin pains

The skin is like the bark of a tree. It reveals to us that there are external or internal problems. It isolates the cells of my body, my components in terms of my external environment. If my skin has abnormalities, there is a good chance that I am a person who places a lot of importance on the opinion of others and what they can say about me. Being unsure of myself and being afraid of being rejected or hurt, I am going to create a skin disease that will become “a natural barrier” that will allow me to keep a certain distance from my surroundings. The skin is a soft tissue that is related to mental energy and therefore expresses my insecurities, my uncertainties, hence the expression “being red with anger”.

My skin may change color when I am upset or when I may feel embarrassed. It is thus the physical demarcation line, my mask between my interior and my exterior. If my skin is dry, it is because it lacks water. Water is the second element (after air) necessary for life. My relationships with life are therefore dry, arid. Block myself internally in my relationships with the environment. May have a feeling of “drying out”. I must seek joy in my communication with others. The flaking dead skin indicates that I am abandoning old mental patterns. If I have pimples on the surface of the skin, it is that I externally express relationship problems, communication with my environment, referring to specific points.

My skin shows signs of inflammation, then I must not be less irritated in the face of certain situations of internal or external conflict. If my skin is oily, it is that I retain, I keep too many emotions for me. Can want to run away from a situation or person as if they were trying to catch me, like the small ball covered in oil that you want to catch and that slips through your fingers. I must let the energy flow so that my negative thoughts can disappear.

I must calmly, coldly look at the frustrations I feed so that my skin is clearer and thinner. The more I become transparent and true with others, the more transparent my skin will be. An irritation shows me that there are one or more irritating thoughts rising on the surface of my skin and that I have to look them in the face so that they stop attracting my attention and bothering me.

The more I am able to appreciate my qualities and offer me small sweets, the more my skin will “perspire” this well-being through its sweetness and clarity. The more I am able to freely communicate my emotions, the more my skin relaxes and glows.

Shoulders pains

Represent my ability to carry a burden. My shoulders carry my joys, my sorrows, my responsibilities and my insecurities. Like anyone else, I’m not exempt from carrying a burden. If I take responsibility for the happiness and well-being of others, then I gain the weight I carry and my shoulders hurt. I have the feeling of having “too much to do” and never being able to do it all. I may also have the feeling that I am being prevented from acting, either because of different opinions or because they simply do not want to assist me and support me in my projects.

My shoulders also hurt when I live great affective insecurities (left shoulder) or material (right shoulder) or that I feel crushed by the weight of my responsibilities, both affective and material. I am so afraid of tomorrow that I forget to live today. The difficulties I encounter, the responsibility of having to create, to do, to perfect, all this can “crush” me.  I may want to prove to myself that, despite everything, I can face situations by throwing my shoulders back, putting my chest more in evidence, but the reality is that my back is weak and distorted by fear.

If the affected part of my shoulder refers to the bones (fracture, rupture), this will relate more to my fundamental responsibilities. If the affected part of my shoulder is muscular, this will relate more to my thoughts and emotions.

I also learn to let the energy of my heart circulate to my shoulders and then in my arms, which will avoid stiffness and pain, because my shoulders represent action and also movement, from conception to matter. They pass through them my inner desires to express myself, create and execute because they were born at the level of my heart. Emotional energy must be directed into my arms and hands to realize such desires. If I stop myself from saying or doing things, if I “pigeonhole” (it comes from the word “house”, which means to lock myself in a place. Figuratively, this means retreating into oneself) instead of sinking into life, if I wear masks to cover my fears and apprehensions, my shoulders will be tense and stiffer.

If the bone in my shoulder goes to break or break, there is a conflict in my life that is very deep and that touches the essence of who I am. The tension or any other discomfort I feel in the shoulder area gives me an indication depending on whether it is the right or left shoulder. If my right shoulder is affected, it is my active masculine side: I can live a conflict or a tension in relation to my work, to my way of acting in front of authority. It is the “tough and controlling” side  that wins; on the other hand, if it is my left shoulder that is affected, the tension I can live is related to the feminine aspect of my life, that is, creative and receptive, to my ability to express my feelings.

I become aware of what crushes me, accept that I am responsible for MYself and let others take care of their own happiness. I learn to delegate. An icy shoulder means that it becomes cold and painful and that it is bothered in its complete use. I become cold and indifferent about what I do (just to do it?)  or can I actually do it?

There is a deep tension that tells me that I really want to do something different from what I currently do. I also agree to learn to live in the present moment, which allows me to relieve the weight I carry on my shoulders. I trust the universe that attends to my daily needs.

Stomach pains

I know the work done by my stomach and I know that it represents my way of digesting, absorbing and integrating the events and situations of my life. Stomach spurts are often linked to a need for love, “emotional nourishment” and food. Food represents affection, security, reward and survival. If I live in any void in my life, I will want to fill it with food, particularly in times of separation, death, loss or shortage of money. Food can also artificially help me “free” myself from material or financial stresses. I feel like an indispensable lack for my survival. Fermentation, on the other hand, comes from the fact that I do not want to face certain emotions that I live in relation to people or situations. I put these emotions aside, but they are always present, they accumulate, they “ferment”, under the effect of my “acidic” attitude.

I constantly ruminate on certain situations that I experienced and that I “do not digest”.  Therefore I have a tendency to “ruminate” on past situations and to live the same attitudes and the same negative emotions. These are therefore left in my stomach. It is very difficult for my stomach to digest unlived emotions. As my reality is in conflict with my

dreams and my needs, this leads me to live various emotions. I do not express my discomforts, I am irritated. Anger and aggressiveness roar in me, but I suppress them. That’s it! The ulcer and heartburn are here. I have great fears, my digestion becomes laborious because my stomach is nervous and fragile. What is the situation of my life “that I do not digest”? I live great restlessness, especially due to my weak confidence in me, which makes it difficult to accept my emotions. Stomach pains will occur when I live a setback in the field of my personal finances or my professional life. Certain situations are so disgusting and disgusting that my stomach refuses to digest them.

I react to my reality in a negative and “acidic” way  and suffer from indigestion and nausea. Digestion is very slow if the stomach is tense and stiff, preventing changes from occurring in my life.

I become aware that I must reveal more openness in life and accept that situations and events are here to make me grow. Acceptance allows them to be transformed into experiences and pressure or tension disappears.

Teeth pains

Dental problems are linked to decisions, especially when my teeth hurt. I postpone decision-making, because the consequences of these elections scare me, make me lose security. It is associated with personal responsibility, with my ability to make decisions, without being afraid of what will happen next. If I have a toothache, I may feel hurt because I blame myself for not being able to communicate what I want.

Have the pleasure of “showing my teeth” to take my place and show that I exist. Want them to listen to me, to respect me. I become aware that by communicating my needs and desires, toothaches will no longer have a reason to exist. When it comes to tartar on the teeth, it is a form of inner aggression, a reaction that has not been resolved and resurfaces. This can lead me to harden my positions in the face of the decisions I have to make or that I made. My behaviors can change. Knowing that it is not beneficial for me to be at the disposal of my imagination, I develop rather the creative side of circumstances. Try to find a way to better structure my thinking and ideas; thus, it will be easier for me to take judicious initiatives linked to what I am currently experiencing.

Accept to be aware of what is happening in my life, to understand the essence of the determination that governs my universe. Check the side affected by dental problems and provide the solution that is appropriate. If it’s up, I think of intuition and instinct; and if it is down, it is a decision of the rational and logical field, something physically dear.

Throat pains

With my throat, I swallow reality, where I take life by breathing, water and food. It is also here that I release my feelings from the heart to the voice. It is the bridge in two directions between the head and the body, the spirit and the physical. If my throat hurts, I can blame myself for saying certain words, or thinking I should have expressed something. It’s as if I self-punish for the pain. Perhaps the time has come to say what I am going through to free myself from it. Also my throat can become inflamed if I inhibit the rage and that this emotion rises to my throat.

If I don’t really say what I mean or that there is a conflict in my expression of myself, then my throat feels this rejection. Since the throat is the expression of the affirmation of myself, if I have difficulty in affirming myself, I may want to compensate for this by becoming authoritarian towards myself and towards others, which limits my energy on this plane. Infection in the throat by strep bacteria is one of the most common forms of infection. This involves irritation and energy retention. The throat also represents the conception, the acceptance of life, if I have difficulties at the level of the throat, I can live a deep conflict in the acceptance of my existence.

Having difficulty swallowing, I may wonder which person or what situation I have difficulty swallowing, or what reality I feel compelled to swallow even when this does not suit me (perhaps this is for example something that is against my principles).  Then I can try to cut myself off from physical reality, perhaps wanting to flee the obligation to affirm who I am, my needs and by the same fact, to bring changes in my life. The throat chakra and the sex chakra are connected very directly. Both are related to creativity: the throat chakra refers to the creativity of my thoughts while the sexual chakra refers to creativity in matter. Thus, both energy centers are related to communication: by my voice, I communicate my thoughts and by my sexuality, I physically communicate my feelings.

So, if I have throat problems, it is good to ask myself what I have to express about myself and I must investigate if I live frustration in terms of my sexuality.

I must learn that happiness and freedom come from my ability to express myself in the Truth, thus bringing me ever closer to my divine essence.


The quantum card is used in these areas to balance the body.

Leave it for at least 29 minutes in each indicated area, this is the time it takes the energy to make a complete revolution through all the meridians.

  1. It treats all energy and blood imbalances.
  2. It energizes the body and at the same time calms the mind.

Follow this order for pains





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