Phase 3

17 September, 2022

In the phase 3, we will learn to have continuous communication to build, with the people who come to us, a relationship of trust.


When we have a new friend, it is essential that we build a relationship with that friend as soon as possible.

The way you present us and the story you know can make all the difference.

I am going to give you some tips to keep in mind how to build the relationship with this Person and sending an offer to try out the Nume accessory.

People do not like to be sold anything, but they like to buy.

Taking the Person to invest in the Nume accessory is easy as soon as they have the idea that they can improve their lives and that of their loved ones. It is much more effective to educate her little by little about the benefits of this accessory than simply making her buy it because we will be making more sales.

In continuous communication, there are several things:

  1. Provide real value to People, whether they invest or not.
  2. Providing them with value constantly serves to create a relationship that generates trust, affinity, and respect. It begins to see us as a Persona who can provide solutions to problems.
  3. Positioning the Nume accessory as a solution while raising awareness will make them want to invest in it without having to ask. It will be their idea because they will want to constantly receive its benefits.

End of the phase 3

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