Tuning and synchronization of fields

18 May, 2022

(physical, energetic, emotional and mental)

Thanks to an intelligent accessory we can have a tuning and synchronization of fields: physical, energetic, emotional and mental. It is composed of a unique combination of minerals, mainly with a significant charge of negative ions. This product is designed with state-of-the-art quantum technology, created by German scientists, experts in quantum mechanics.

It contains quantum energy circuits, in addition to 1 microchip that generates resonant frequencies allowing a correct emission and absorption of anions and waves among all living matter.

In addition, our version contains 1 extra chip that works under the effect of radio frequency and consequently enhances the work of the first chip, refines and synchronizes even more the energy and electromagnetic fields of the living beings with which it is in contact.

Properties of our smart accessory

Tuning and synchronization of fields


  • Accelerates healing processes
  • Decreases muscle fatigue after exercise, feeling of pain, oxidative stress
  • Eliminates toxins from the body and also free radicals
  • Generates greater availability of oxygen in the blood
  • Improves sleep and good rest, posture and also lengthening
  • Increases physical performance, stability, endurance, balance and also strength
  • It exchanges the positively charged atom (cation) into a negatively charged anion (electrons)
  • Purifies body fluids, especially blood
  • Reduces tissue inflammation
  • Regulates metabolic ph
  • Restores tissues
  • Stabilizes cell membranes

Tuning and synchronization of fields


  • Aligns and reactivates the energetic vortices (chakras)
  • Improves energy balance
  • Increases vitality or vital energy
  • Protects from negative or destabilizing energies
  • Raises more than 3 times the base vibrational frequency
  • Rearranges, restructures and amplifies the electromagnetic field (aura)

Tuning and synchronization of fields


  • Decreases emotional crises
  • Maintains the health of the adrenal glands
  • Restoration of willpower, motivation and also general well-being
  • Stabilizes emotions such as moods

Tuning and synchronization of fields


  • Increases focus, mental clarity and serotonin levels
  • Rearrange neural frequencies
  • Regulates the activities of the sympathetic nervous system as parasympathetic

Some areas for the tuning and synchronization of fields

  • BP21Grand Governor
  • C7Door of spirit or serenity, intelligence and consciousness
  • E1Silent Repentance
  • E36General toning
  • H3Spiritual soul or supreme entrance
  • H14Gate of time or epoch
  • HM1Palace of the Spirit
  • ID3Small posterior valley or continuity of the torrent
  • IG4Valley bottom or tiger mouth
  • R5Spirit of decision or source or origin of water
  • R27Palace of the transport warehouse to offer
  • TC3Central Island
  • VB1Master Pupil
  • VB20Accumulation of winds
  • VB30Dance, jump and go for a spin
  • VC1Door of life as well as death
  • VC6Sea of Energy
  • VC12Central Vessel
  • VC17Reunion of energy or center of sincerity
  • VC22Celestial elevation
  • VC24Reception of organic liquids
  • VG1 Long-term strength growth
  • VG4Door of light or destiny or life
  • VG6Master of the mind
  • VG10Way of the mind
  • VG14Large bump
  • VG16Wind Palace
  • VG20Reunion Centre
  • VG24Temple of Providence or Divine Palace

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