11 February, 2022

Purpose of detox

The purpose of the detox is to cleanse, purify the metabolism from accumulated overloads in the internal environment, but also to stop its excessive production.


  • Rest the digestive system.
  • Cleanse: kidneys, liver, intestines, skin, lungs.
  • Eliminate: bad habits or excesses: physical, emotional and psychological, nutritional errors, various contaminants (drugs, industrial cigarettes, vaccines, parasites, heavy metals, infectious foci, dead teeth, chemical pollutants, radiation, poor stress management, lack of physical activity, etc.).
  • Neutralize the harmful effects caused by the environment.

When the source of the overloads dries up, the toxic and other nutritional intakes are actually stopped. A measure without which it is useless and absurd to resort to 1000 recipes of healers, even natural.

Detox treatment develops in three stages

First step: small fasts, mono diets, seasonal cures or varied restrictive diets where food intake is moderate, at best according to needs.

Second stage: psychological in which relaxation techniques prevail, the importance given to the quality of sleep (deep, recuperative, spontaneous) and the realization of periodic relaxation activities (aromatic hot baths, massages, meditation, breaks, contact with nature …)

Third step: drain and stimulate natural eliminations. Various gentle maneuvers help the emunctories (skin, kidneys, intestines, liver and lungs) to eliminate their metabolic overloads and waste (hydrotherapy, massage, reflex techniques, adapted exercises, etc.) .

These three steps are offered simultaneously.


The vitality of the person here is very important, if it is low, a revitalization cure is recommended as a priority because doing a detox with weakened vitality does more harm than good to health.

Release the cortico-diencephalon

This step is very important to calm the thought (the cortex, the mind), which mobilizes a significant amount of vital energy (mainly when there are obsessive, negative thoughts, mental ruminations, anxiety …)   for the benefit of the visceral or metabolic brain (the diencephalon).

Assistive techniques

Use of relaxation techniques such as: craniosacral and vibratory osteopathy – sophrology, hypnosis, Jacobson methods, Schultz training, Yoga Nidra, sound therapy, reiki … Quality sleep (recuperative, deep and spontaneous). Fun or relaxing activities (temazcal, massages, meditation, distractions, walking in nature, relaxing music therapy…). Appropriate readings and movies.

It does not exclude the psychotherapeutic dimension, in particular the helping relationship (being actively listened to, being accompanied healthily at the relational level, managing emotions, group therapy, autosuggestion, etc.).

Drain and stimulate natural eliminations

Various alternative maneuvers can help eliminate metabolic overloads and waste.


Invigorate it through sweating (Temascal, exercise, hot baths with some plants or essential oils or salts …).


Massage them through visceral osteopathy, reflexology, specific exercises for the belly, rectal shower and complete cleansing of the intestines. As well as the intestinal cleansing program with specific plants.


Activate them with pure water with the correct pH, rich in electrons and very light, without charge of minerals or heavy metals and contaminants – alternation of cold / hot showers – derived baths, if the body allows it. As well as the program of cleansing the kidneys with specific plants and foods.

Gallbladder and liver

Stimulate them with a hot water bottle placed on them, visceral osteopathy, physical exercises. As well as the liver cleansing program with specific natural products…


Help them with exercises with abundant ventilation, breaths in a place energized by specific essential oils, clean air in nature. As well as the program of cleaning the lungs with specific plants…

The detox is followed over a period of a few weeks to a few months, depending on the available life force, accumulated overloads. And also, the living conditions of the person.

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Giving Greens

It is a nutritious powdered mixture totally vegetable to prepare a drink that facilitates the supply of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals for the body. In addition, this food contains nutritious sprouted seeds, a system of probiotics, prebiotics and a combination of super-fruits rich in enzymes… They provide the body with essential nutrients to support the immune system, cardiovascular health. It also fights against free radicals and helps digestion.


Restores the body’s natural balance, offering it a formulation of 15 different strains of broad-spectrum probiotics, as well as prebiotics.


It is a product that contains zeolite and chlorella among others. They act as magnets to catch and remove heavy metals lodged in the body such as: lead, mercury, cadmium, aluminum… In addition to dislodging heavy metals, it removes toxins, bacteria and provides essential minerals such as potassium and magnesium. 

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