17 February, 2022

The stabilization is done with our help because we can accompany you at best in this process for a truly personalized treatment. At home, however, you can create small detox programs for seasonal changes from winter to spring and from summer to fall. But also after the holidays or in case of excess.

Unfortunately, today’s society (stress, sedentary lifestyle) and the environment in which we live (air, water, polluted or contaminated food) make it very difficult to achieve this goal, but striving to achieve it by giving ourselves the means to do so is an approach that deserves to be undertaken.

Once the detoxification and revitalization is done, the stabilization is the one that allows to maintain, to potentiate all the effects expected by the other 2, that is to say to maintain the vital energy at the highest level.

Objective of the stabilization 

The stabilization aims to stabilize and harmonize cellular exchanges and compensate for past errors or deficiency of the genetic heritage.


This treatment corresponds to a phase of balance of psychic and physical harmony. Rather, it is a new way of life that tends towards an ideal of life where the body, food, environment and activities are in perfect union.


By maintaining the new eating habits and why not by deepening them, and by refining the disorders of hygiene of life in general (personal, professional, hereditary …) in order to make, if necessary, positive changes. In case of organic weakness, I advise some targeted techniques (phytotherapy, aromatherapy, bioenergetic nutrition, manual techniques …) to support the organs.

Individualized intake of food supplements

It is above all a priority for us to offer (when necessary) what are called “superfoods”: NewAge products

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