When the anamnesis is complete you must send it by email to this address : or by WattsApp : 33 1977 5927

Call address : Calle Virgen 3660 la Calma Zapopan 45070 Mexico

Anamnesis is designed to establish a naturopathic treatment

It aims to take stock of the general condition of the people who come to see us to improve their state of health.

It is an important part of the diagnosis and treatment of health problems, thanks to which it is possible to know, through clinical signs and symptoms, the possible cause of ailments and discomforts.

What data is collected?

In an anamnesis personal data is collected.

In the same way, the main reason for consultation, the current problem, its evolution if it is followed by treatment should be indicated. Personal history suffered, allergy to a substance, surgery, family history, important diseases suffered by the father or mother …

On the other hand, history involves an examination of the body’s systems.

Why is your story important?

The information obtained through the anamnesis provides excellent data to develop a medical diagnosis and an accurate treatment plan.

Why is it important to meet?

Observation is an important instrument, so you can collect information about the state of health. Not only observation is important, but also attitude towards the problem.

The interview is fundamental because it is the encounter between your attitude and our competence in the management of communication. This creates an environment conducive to dialogue. You come to see us expecting a possibility of improvement at all levels of your being and not only in the technique of an exclusively body treatment.

This will allow to differentiate the pathologies, that is, to reach a definitive diagnosis and calculate their recovery capacity to opt for a therapy.

To adopt a therapy, we evaluate precisely the vital capacity and its commitment to collaborate in its improvement so that a favorable evolution and a positive result occurs.

You can download the anamnesis here

And the anamnesis of childhood wounds here

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