Chapter 1

16 September, 2022

In chapter 1 we will learn how to share what can support People to get the results they want.


More and more people are joining our service team in a spirit of unconditional love, so why not you?

It is possible that you do not have the idea of how to do it.

Spending hours and hours on social media, talking to people, showing posts, videos, etc.

The truth is that it does not generate enough results, it can even generate a waste of time and money so that we find ourselves in the situation of not being able to continue.

We are confronted with the reality that it takes time to have a satisfactory outcome.

This can create frustration if we work hard without having results.

This can affect our lives. To no avail, we ended up giving up.

The tensions, which some feel, come from an imbalance between what they receive (benefits) and what we give (investment). A good balance between the two is essential to generate a healthy state.

The priority

Is and always will be the balance, so developing this activity can help us to receive benefits constantly to respond to our investment.

Some people have the gift of helping (loving) People in a natural way and others have a hard time helping (loving).  It all starts with self-love. If we love each other, we cannot love others.

Would you like that the people ask you why you are so lucky in your life? Would you like to attract people every day and who want to Participate in this Service of Love in which we are? We must learn how!

How can they get to know us, and how do you create this bond of friendship and trust? To ask us: how can we get to this too?

When we discover the answer, when we see the light at the end of the tunnel, our eyes discover a new hope.

What you are going to learn is essential, it is what the leaders have discovered and that led them to success, this is what we teach to our team so that each member succeeds in their lives.

This training teaches us, step by step

How to attract good people who come to us to invest in this purpose and who are motivated to serve others as ourselves.

During the construction of our project, we will surely go through uncertain and unpredictable processes, when we communicate that we are with People who know what we know or who do not know what we do.

Start to establish relationships with a list of people you know who trust us and who love us. Some will want to count on the blessing we have received.

The best thing is that we only must do it once and then the process is automated. We will live our dreams while building friendships with thousands of people who are interested in sharing this blessing with love.

What is this automated process? (Chapter 1)

If we want to know that you need to talk to the people personally, I have to say that the world is evolving and the way it is developing.

This desire to develop focuses on the use of tools from new generations to help us to create the same relationships with people, but at the levels we have never imagined possible.


Ninety-two percent of people are looking for information and are not looking to buy.

Although they intend to make a good investment, to find an opportunity that can help them, it is logical to think that they inform themselves before deciding.

What would you say if you position us so that this person could find the information it is looking for, with us?

If the persons are looking for such information, give them the information they are looking for. That is how we offer what they want, but we do not try to sell them anything.

For example

To YouTubers who are experts at the forefront of smartphones. When a person has in mind to change cell phones, first goes to the YouTube channel or other channels, checks the opinions about different products and then buys it.

Another example

If a person has health problems, he will see a doctor, who will give a prescription for his problem, then he goes to the pharmacy with the prescription, to receive the remedy, he goes to buy it without questioning what the doctor has said, because he wants to heal.

Pharmacy sells the remedy, but the doctor builds his authority on the subject, and will continue to receive the benefits thanks to the health problems he solves daily.

Doctor does not work for the pharmacy but may advise going to a pharmacy if the remedy is sold in it. Doctor has the solution to the problems of his patients who come to see him, and patients come to see this doctor because he has a good reputation, they know that with him they can heal.

When people see us as an expert, they come to us for feedback. They ask us how they can get out of their problem.

People want to have someone by their side who has the answers to their questions, and that is why we want to be us if we create our personal brand.

How about attracting more people?

  • Who already like to help others
  • They show their willingness to invest in helping others
  • That they have done enough personal work and who want to develop more

Imagine for a moment that we can position ourselves as an expert who helps these People to develop in what they like.

We can attract these people, help them realize their purpose and receive benefits for it.

After all the value we bring to them, they will realize that they gain more from integrating this service of love than from working for the selfish and self-centered ambition of some.

Attract instead of searching (Chapter 1)

What we must fulfill is to take the biggest problem in the market and use it to our favor or specializing in attracting Persons who already like to share, the ones working for conservative companies. who do not pay enough or think only of themselves or their interests, of their personal success. These People are seeking inner satisfaction, as much to the material level as the spiritual one. We can help them develop new, high-quality perspectives.

This strategy is used by the   new generation marketing companies. Some use it and teach it; others just use it.

The question is: how do we do it too?

Well, first we must become a source of information, to be an authority that the people like to see to receive their opinion.

You must give, give, give, sow, cultivate…  and then receive or harvest.

So, before we harvest something, let us first must sow and cultivate.

If you try to convince a woman who tells us that she does not have time because she has her daily activity that takes her completely, she does not have the time to invest herself as another Person that does. The approach will be different! It does not indicate that this Person cannot participate but will do so according to her activity.

For example

I work with a businessman that has 9 companies and took 140 Numenow accessories, not to sell them but to give them to his team of workers to make them feel better. He is an example of an entrepreneur who is interested in the well-being of his team. He does not have time to follow up or explain how to use this accessory in the best way possible, but I can do it for him as a specialist.

We get better results and appreciate it better if, instead of going to prospecting, we are focused on helping the 100% people who joins to our team.

Each one participates in helping their top-level team.

Comparison (chapter 1)

I compare it to a microphone connected to an amplifier: if express through our voice, the sound will not go beyond ten meters. But if you use the material to amplify our voice, we can reach thousands and thousands of people.

This does not mean that, simply by using this material, we will create attraction to people all over the world because the amplifier will convey what comes from us.

That is why I always say and repeat,Be so good that it’s impossible to ignore you.

We can generate success from the comfort of our home by helping new people without being able to do so.

Having our personal brand and taking advantage of this tool is a great way to develop ourselves, but we must learn to effectively expose our knowledge, skills, abilities, competence, aptitudes, experience, qualities…

By learning the “secrets” of this tool, you will create trend changes, which will bring us to our life a great success.

End of chapter 1

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