10 February, 2022

Naturopathy is included in the field of Applied Holistic Ancestral Medicine and is applied when there is a previous medical diagnosis.

He conceives the disease as a set of imbalances in the patient’s energy field. For this reason it does not focus only on alleviating the symptoms but on helping the organic and emotional set to achieve balance or healing.

It is based on the body’s vital ability to regenerate. Look for the cause of the origin of the disease, rather than pursuing only symptomatic relief.

Mainly, it tries to stimulate the self-healing and recovery abilities of each person. It teaches how to take care of your diet, eliminate toxins and toxins, stimulate the immune system, etc. Naturopathy is based on the rules of common sense and harmony of living with the environment.

Naturopathy gives the means to use all the internal and external resources of the human being to be self-sufficient.

The body has the ability to regenerate. Through simple natural means, it is possible to recover and maintain health by observing a suitable lifestyle.

Naturopathy proposes a holistic treatment that covers the whole body and not just a part of it. It means ” natural healing “and comprises therapeutic modalities that guide the human body towards its original state of balance.

As a basis for preparing the ground for healing, it relies on auxiliary elements, which nature offers us.

Here we will name some of them:


Use of medicinal plants in different presentations, infusions, plasters, capsules, decoctions, tinctures…


Osteopathy treats and prevents health problems, simply by stretching and massaging muscles, joints, connective tissues…


Therapeutic massage performed directly with the hands without the intervention of devices whose purpose is to relieve and improve the various disorders of the patient.

Cellular Nutrition

Cellular nutrition provides our body with all the right nutrients for proper body functioning.

Floral elixirs

Flower Therapy is a natural treatment system, composed of flower essences. It is an energy therapy, holistic. It helps to restore health, contributing to harmonize dysfunctions in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields of all living beings.


Essential oils are products distilled from naturally aromatic plant substances found in flowers, fruits, roots, barks and seeds. It is an effective, quality natural therapy that perfectly complements other alternative therapies.


Ancient oriental technique that restores the energy balance of the body through the use of needles in different points of the body. These points are distributed throughout the body through the path of the meridians (energy channels). The stimulation of these points will result in the restoration and balance of the body’s energy to recover health.


The goal of Reflexology is to maintain health through proper stimulation. Applied to their corresponding micro-reflexes located in the skull, nose, ears, back, belly, hands and feet. Through the reflexological technique, it is possible to establish the natural balance of energy, the proper functioning of organs and glands.

What is Naturopathy for?

Naturopathy is the modern response to a deep need of the human being. It offers a change of attitude towards the comprehensive understanding of health and disease.

It does not act alone, it does so in collaboration with the conventional doctor. Potentiates the effects of treatment, reinforces the terrain and improves the general condition of the patient.

Naturopathy uses natural and holistic methods of health. It helps healthy people avoid the disease. And to the sick to recover their health so that they enjoy a better quality of life.

The naturopath analyzes the patient’s condition and the origin of his disease. He advises the pertinent changes in his way of life or in his personal care, so that he can recover his health.

Thus it manages to strengthen the organic defenses and restore the vital fluid balancing it both physically and psychically. Naturopathy is a different way of living. The patient becomes aware of his own responsibility towards his health and takes charge of his healing.

By collaborating Naturopathy with conventional medicine, you can achieve what you really want:

The authentic improvement of the health of Humanity.

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