Chapter 8

17 September, 2022

In chapter 8 we will learn how to establish a relationship of trust with our list of People who want a better quality of life, health or who like to help others.


Once we contact with the Person, we must enter a regular follow-up process so that we can begin to establish a relationship with him.

Remember thatsuccess is in the following-up“.

Most of our results come from establishing a trusting relationship with our list.

No more than 10% of those who try the Nume accessory are ready to buy it or share it. Ninety percent will be interested if we establish a real relationship with them being present during the days, they are experiencing the accessory.

A mistake that many make

Is to try to sell the Nume accessory instead of explaining how to use it well or everything that this accessory can give if you know how to use it, that is what the persons need.

And all the marketing they do revolves around selling products instead of communicating information about how to get rid of problems thanks to this accessory, it does not develop much and mainly in the long term.

And they live on low incomes and blame others, everyone but themselves.

The ones that seek solutions are open to education.

People hate when you sell them something, they want to examine, study, observe, experiment, the Nume accessory at their own pace.

And it is the art of having a self-response because it carries out the educational process for us, while building the relationship of trust.

Have you ever walked into a store, and tried to avoid contact with the merchant to leave you alone?

But once you get to what you need, you look for him to ask the questions you need because you are willing to buy it.

That is why, by sending them valuable content over time, we build a relationship with them and when they decide, they will ask us the necessary questions because they will be willing to buy or share.

They may not be ready to talk to us on the phone yet, but they are willing to buy or share the Nume accessory.

That is even better!

Self-response will continue to build the relationship with us, even if they are introverted and need more time to connect with us on a call.

We can also complete the media by inviting them to follow us on our social networks or website where we have the most valuable content for them.

Or prepare a document where you will teach a topic that interests him or her a lot and where he or she will be able to ask us questions and it is a much less invasive way to start a relationship.


Once the person is interested in what we propose, whether in the form of a mini-course, newsletter, or anything we inform that the time to test it is around 7 to 10 days.

After analyzing this sequence, which comes to us is every day by phone, WhatsApp, or email, to stay in touch with the person to listen how it is going.

These messages should also bring value.

Personalizing your emails as much go to the principles of writing to make them more interesting.

Our personal stories will make our audience more human. Tell them our stories, interesting things, educational content, things that happen every day and from which you learn from a lesson.

Let us allow them to get to know us better, to know our history, our passions and to always give them the best possible service.

CONSTANCY (Chapter 8)

Have you noticed that with people that we share time and space daily, we automatically feel close to them and that creates a relationship of trust easily?

For example, the people that we follow every day and that they tell us about their lives on social networks they seem to us closer.

The same principle applies when we are establishing a relationship of trust with our list.

The people feel close to other people with whom they share time daily and with whom they find similarities.

These similarities can range from sharing hobbies, listening to the same music, being at the same job, playing the same sport, etc.

This leads to a continuous interaction that ends up being a relationship of trust.

And as with friendships, the more time you spend with a friend, the smarter you are to do things for him.


Be consistent with the Nume accessory so that the people give us its trust and good judgment.

Do you think anyone will trust us if we change our mind all the time?

You risk would be losing all or a large part of our leadership.

The advantage of promoting the Nume accessory

which is accessible, is that it gives the opportunity to learn without pressure and without great commitment.

Many People are only looking for entertainment and not engaging in a job that requires a lot. But they can participate in part of the development of the team.

On the other hand, many people realize that having us as the leader, accompanying us, getting to know each other is the fastest way to their satisfaction and the best solution to achieve what they want in their lives.

Through the Nume accessory, we develop our experience, knowledge, and the way forward becomes much more natural.

When the time comes for them to invest to share, always thank them and maintain consistency in our promotion without being heavy.

For example

A person may not be satisfied with their current job and may feel frustrated by the company they currently work for, but are not yet ready to leave it, because it is too important a change for them.

Only if you are positioned as a trusted leader, is it going to gain credibility, it is a matter of time before she makes the decision to synergize with us to build together because it is the best solution for her.

What generates consistency in a test is that it must last long enough, before going further, so that the Person has enough time to discover its benefits. Thus, we can receive their trust and create in them the desire to know more.


It always gives People an option to contact us.

wean do it in different ways to be present:

  • Inspiring to respond to our emails
  • Writing to them on WhatsApp
  • Inspiring them to write by direct message on Instagram or Facebook Messenger. Inviting one of our zooms to ask all kinds of questions.

The more they realize that they listen carefully, the better our relationship with them will be.

BE FUN (Chapter 8)

No one likes to get bored. Fun always brings entertaining content.

No one likes to go to a conference or read bored e-mails.

Do this to keep them on the lookout:

  • Tell funny stories
  • Say something interesting that has happened to you
  • Tell Stories about your pet
  • Say something funny you have done, laughing at ourselves indicates that we are an intelligent person, this helps us to connect with them.

START SIMPLY (Chapter 8)

Let us not worry if we are not communicators by nature. It begins by communicating with our hearts.

Communicate about something we are passionate about. Let´s be ourselves. Simply communicate with one of your friends in person.

Start listening to positive messages to learn more about this art.

Listen to   people who inspire us, who analyze and study the content of our words.

Have compassion for the People who come to us, to teach them regarding to their problems and to offer them solutions. May they benefit from the process, may they have an enjoyable time in our presence while teaching them how to get out of their problems. Let us act and not look for excuses.


Video has much more impact.

Look for ideas about how to connect with our audience, tell your own story or our story. People love to hear inspiring stories!

Animosity grows in us, when we try to make perfect what we do, when we will do well at the beginning so as not to make a fool of ourselves, because we are afraid that they will make fun of us.

Some people, when they first speak in public, want everything to be perfect. They want the video recording to be amazing.

The problem is that they find the excuse for not knowing enough and stop doing it.

Until they realize that the public has the same fears. Showing ourselves imperfect and vulnerable connects the audience more.

Because they want to feel that we are a human being like them, imperfect and vulnerable.

Do not try to look like we have a very different personality than our people.

Find these people who inspire us.

Identify your strengths and take advantage of them.

We can be excellent in everything, and we will be. But to be world-class, we lean on our strengths. »

End of the chapter 8

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