2 July, 2022

Diabetes is a chronic degenerative disease characterized by high blood sugar levels. Although it is normal that there is always glucose in the blood because the body uses it as an energy source, when it is generated in excess it can harm health.

The high blood sugar levels that characterize diabetes can pose a serious danger, increasing the risk of other conditions such as: heart attacks, strokes, blindness or blurred vision, nerve damage, kidney failure, and even limb amputation.

Today, doctors treat the symptoms and not the actual cause of the problem.

The solution is already inside our own body and insulin is not the solution.

Type 2 diabetes can be controlled in a short time, activating the elements that make up our system of healing and metabolic control.

So let’s be careful because this presentation will mark our lives for a long time…

Today is the day to win the battle with this simple new generation system.

We must first begin by repairing the imbalance in our DNA and the relationship between the elements earth (first chakra), water (second chakra) and fire (third chakra).

We don’t suggest drinking a lot of water or eating from the earth to repair the imbalance in our DNA.


The insulin injected by diabetics is extracted from the pancreas of pigs.

The solution is present in DNA repair

Once our DNA is repaired, thanks to the new generation system we offer, things happen that we never thought would happen to our body again…

  • We activate the normalization of blood sugar levels and, best of all, in a short time…
  • We begin to restore our health by restarting our metabolism
  • Insulin problems are going to start to subside
  • We will witness the restoration of our pancreas, realize that we can be free: from chemicals, harmful and synthetic compounds, from the fear of blindness, amputation or diabetic coma, from restrictive diets, from constant hunger and weight gain…

Drugs do not attack the root of the problem, they only control physical factors.

If there are problems in the genes, no solution that acts on a physical or biological level can solve these problems.

The only effective way to control diabetes is to act on DNA, repair damaged genes.

Because if DNA is repaired, most of the health problems we manifest will resolve themselves.

We can very quickly

  • Activate dormant and damaged pancreatic cells to excrete more and better insulin
  • Increase the generation of insulin-like growth factor
  • Control excess sugar in the blood
  • Leave in oblivion the anxiety and dizziness that appear suddenly
  • Strengthen our immune system and control inflammation
  • Lose weight quickly without having to exercise or diet restrictively

In addition to many other benefits that we will not list in this article.

Here we offer you different options new natural generations to keep this disease under control or end it.


First Cellular Nutrition for

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Preventing DNA-level damage

Carotenoids – Vitamin E mainly present in (Optimal VRenew and Giving greens)

Facilitate DNA synthesis

Folic acid or Vitamin B9 – Vitamin B12 – Zinc – Magnesium mainly present in (Optimal V and MRenewPowerboost)

Repair DNA

Vitamin B3 or Niacin (Optimal V Renew)

Folic acid or Vitamin B9 (Optimal V Powerboost)

NewAge Products to Neutralize Type I and II Diabetes


Revitalization and stabilization

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Quantum card

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  • E36 – General toning
  • H14 – Posterior stream or continuity of the torrent
  • VB1 – Master Pupil
  • VC6 – Sea of Energy
  • VC12 – Central Vessel
  • VC17 – Meeting of energy or center of sincerity
  • VC22 – Celestial elevation
  • VC24 – Reception of organic liquids
  • VG4 – Door of light or destiny or life
  • VG6 – Master of the Mind or Spine Center
  • VG10 – Elevation of the spirit or pantheon of the soul
  • VG14 – Large bump or large vertebra

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Essential oils

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