14 May, 2022


The human body is complex, made up of different systems that need to work with each other to enjoy optimal health. For this reason, a multifaceted approach with Slenderiix to weight loss and management is the key to staying fit and healthy.

Weight loss isn’t just about what you eat and how much exercise you do. It’s also about your hormones, stress levels, digestive health, and your metabolism. For people who want real results that last, there is Slenderiix; a safe, innovative and sustainable solution to the many factors associated with weight loss and control.

This innovative product is made with 100% natural ingredients that have been tested to control appetite and feel satisfied, positively affecting the hormones associated with feelings of hunger and cravings. The additional ingredients found in the formula of PRE-MEAL drops help decrease carbohydrate absorption and improve metabolism. When used in conjunction with NIITE drops, this product helps consumers lose weight and keep it free of rebound.


  • White bean
  • Cocoa
  • Green coffee
  • Guarana seed
  • Cinnamon bark
  • Biotin
  • Chromium

Weight management isn’t just about calories, exercise, and fat. There are numerous other factors involved in successful weight loss, such as internal balance and hormones. The formula of NIITE drops provides the essential amino acids and adaptogenic herbs specifically designed to help reduce stress and promote the feeling of rest and calm.

When the body is stressed or suffers from lack of sleep, cortisol, a hormone responsible for fat production, is released. By maintaining an ideal internal balance, efforts to lose weight are maximized.


  • L-Theanine
  • L-Glutamine
  • Fructooligosaccharides
  • Tozerola
  • Basil
  • Cordyceps
  • Astragalus root


Every day our digestive system sends signals to our brain that tell us it’s time to eat. Often these signals go off even when we’re not really hungry. Anyone who is on a diet will mention the willpower that is required to re-direct appetite.

But what if we told you that there are several natural substances that make the effort for you?

Guarana seed: improves the feeling of satiety and reduces hunger.

Cinnamon bark: Helps the body maintain normal blood glucose levels, which in turn curbs cravings.

Chromium: Helps blood sugar and prevents spikes and drops in blood glucose levels.


Your body gets most of its energy through the food you eat. Converting nutrients into energy is known as metabolism. When the body is at rest, metabolic rate is the number of calories it uses to carry out basic functions such as breathing, blood circulation, hormone regulation, as well as cell growth and repair. With the help of a few safe and natural ingredients,

Your metabolic rate may be temporarily increased so that you burn more calories.

Green coffee: contains healthy and natural caffeine that increases metabolism and increases the body’s ability to burn fat.

Biotin: helps speed up metabolism and contributes to increased fat burning.


You probably don’t think about hormones when you think about weight. But did you know that certain hormones circulating in your body right now are directly responsible for fat production?

You can control those hormones and maximize your weight loss through ingredients formulated specifically for it.

Cocoa: positively affects the hormones associated with hunger, which controls appetite effectively and healthily.


When you are stressed or suffer from lack of sleep, your body increases the production of cortisol, a hormone that is directly related to fat storage. Control stress by getting enough rest and consuming well-known products that help regulate cortisol levels in your blood.

Basil: Helps lower cortisol levels and regulates stress levels that lead to fat accumulation.

Astragalus root: stimulates the feeling of calm and well-being, essential for the maintenance of the stress level.

L-Theanine: A natural substance found in green tea, which aids in weight loss by preventing fat accumulation, and stimulating relaxation and sleep.


Because your diet plays an important role in weight loss, it’s critical to have optimal digestion. When digestion is slow or not working properly, your body is not able to maximize the main nutrients in your food. Certain ingredients promote healthy digestion, so that you get the most out of your food and stay healthy and fit.

Fructo oligosaccharides: improve the intestinal flora, which helps digestion.

White bean: Helps delay the absorption of simple starchy carbohydrates, so that your body burns fat, preventing excess sugar.

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