9 October, 2022

There are several causes to headaches. For example, stress and tension when we try as hard as we can “to be” in a certain way or “to do” such a thing.

Headaches often appear when we try too hard to do something or when we are obsessed with this coming and restless about what we expect in the future. We live in this moment a lot of anxiety and worry.

This way we can react to strong pressures exerted by situations or events that surround us. We can live an intense feeling of failure, doubt, self-hatred that gives life to criticism and, above all, self-criticism.

We are caught, “boxed in” in our head, we don’t like what we see, and we judge ourselves harshly, giving ourselves “head blows”.

The headache can also come from the denial and suppression of our thoughts and feelings that we think are unacceptable or disapproved of. Either we do not have the courage to express them, or we simply do not listen to them, because we rationalize, we intellectualize everything we live. “This is right, this is wrong!”  We perhaps want to understand too much, go too fast, want to know or have our questions answered right away.

But the time may not have come yet and we must develop our patience and our confidence that everything happens at the right time.

Headache also expresses negative emotions that are “caught in the trap”, in our head, such as insecurity, torment, excessive ambitions, the obsession to be perfect, which cause a blood dilation.

Finally, if we are afraid to face a certain reality, we can find another place to take our attention and flee, this being the headache.

A headache at the level of the forehead

It will refer more to a situation in our work or linked to our social role but if it is located laterally (near the temples), rather it is our emotional side (family, partner) that is involved.

Whatever the cause

Headache is directly linked to our individuality and we must learn to be more patient and more flexible towards ourselves and others.

Make our ideas clearer and clearer and learn to give the place that corresponds to both our intellect and our emotions, to achieve balance. Then we will be more in harmony with ourselves, we will feel the head more liberated and lighter.

General headache problems


Glaucoma involves a blockage of the outflow channel of the eye, thus preventing fluids from being released. These liquids represent all the tears that would have had to run throughout our lives and that, having accumulated, cause pressure on the retina, thus causing the deterioration of vision.

It can be the sign of old grudges and a refusal to forgive ourselves. We can have the feeling of being out of the race, we are afraid of the future.

Feeling easily tired, life becomes different and harder to accept emotionally.

We refuse to see ourselves grow old; the images of the future cannot be seen and this suits us perfectly.

Let us choose to remove the veil, to accept to see ourselves with love and tenderness.

An eye affected by glaucoma acts like a magnifying glass; therefore, there is someone or something in our life that we would like to get closer to as soon as possible. We may have the feeling of having passed by certain things in our life and we have resentment towards them. It is as if sometimes we are running between our fingers just as we are about to achieve or accomplish something.

High blood pressure

The image representing if we have hypertension is the presto (pot closing tightly, with a steam control and serving to cook food under pressure.).

We are a person who accumulates, for long periods, thoughts and emotions that are not expressed; we can be hypersensitive and control ourselves badly. Our anger and setbacks are repressed, thus boiling our interior.

We can also have a tendency to procrastination or to postpone to later the things we must say or do out of fear or lack of confidence in us, and we end up living an intense nervous tension, because we see all this as a mountain and we are not if we will be able to carry out all our projects.

So we can make fables, increase our problems and our guilt will quickly increase the “pressure”.

Our desire to control everything and resolve our situations increases our pressure that can become unsustainable.

Living a deep fear of being rejected, we feel in danger and remain on guard.

The hypertension we experience can also find its source in our fear of death, consciously or unconsciously, and in our desire to make the most of our lives, because we want to realize the multiple goals we have set.


We must learn to let the steam out gently. Avoid the accumulation caused by the explosion. Learn to make us trust.

Brain infection

Infection is defined by the localized or generalized development of a pathogenic germ (the one that leads to disease) in the body, whether bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites.

This situation occurs when the immune system fails to fight this invading germ.

In our life, this germ can be linked to a situation or a person with whom we live a conflict, usually internal and that we do not express to anyone. When it has not resolved, it will sprout in the form of infection. The fact of living irritation or a disorder weakens our immune system that can not prevent and that is manifested by an invasion.

Must ask ourselves: What is it that irritates us or affects us so deeply?

Can live a disorder or an emotional trauma, a family crisis or in the professional environment, or linked to the fact that we live too much stress in our life.

Must accept the changes underway, leaving aside the great anger we can live. The significance of this anger will be all the more important if the infection is accompanied by pain or fever.

The infection will persist as long as we have not fixed the situation, and we may be slow to find a solution because we are afraid of the consequences and the changes that this will bring in our lives.

Infection usually occurs after a weakening of our immune system, which implies that it is the love of ourselves that is at stake.


We must ask ourselves what are the attitudes, thoughts we must change or the actions we must take to put more love in our life.

If we are happy we will have a strong immune system, then let us take the means to grow love in ourselves and thus, love is our shield, our protection.


Meningitis is an infection of the cerebral fluid resulting from inflammation of the membrane that lines the brain and spinal cord. It indicates a weakness of the immune system and an inability to self-protect.

Meningitis points us to a weakness and an inability to fight against very strong external pressures, especially on the intellectual level. It is often because we have difficulty protecting ourselves.

Being hypersensitive, we live everything more intensely and are affected more deeply even by things that seem common to others.

This disease gives us the message to preserve ourselves from the blows that come from the outside and not to feel guilty for the actions of others, taking responsibility for us. That is, it is the rebellion that roars, we are upset and fear takes over us.

The brain governs the whole body and meningitis therefore implies a deep inner weakness that attacks us in the depths of our being.


Meningitis endangers the central command of our body, the brain, we must imperatively decide to live and assume ourselves, keep the “head high” and make sprout in ourselves this inner force that will allow us to follow an enriching life full of wonderful experiences.


Migraines are often associated with vision and digestion disorders.

We no longer want to see and we don’t want to digest what happens in our life. They are anguish, frustration in the face of a situation in which we are unable to make a decision.

We can have the feeling of something that must be done or realized or that is asked of us.

Migraine exposes our resistance linked to our inability to fulfill what is asked of us.

Our head “overheats” and hurts us only with the idea of the goal to be achieved that seems inaccessible to us. Our head looks like a pressure cooker, the pressure being so strong that we still don’t know which solution or what attitude to adopt.

There is conflict between our thoughts, our overburdened intellect, our personal needs and desires. Do we feel up to the task or do we have the feeling of being incompetent, especially on the intellectual level?

We must become aware that we are fleeing from what bothers us or that we feel incomprehension and a lack of love on the part of someone.

Migraines can also be linked to sexual problems such as repression from childhood, and they come back to the surface. It is like a struggle within us, which unfolds between our thoughts and our sexuality, this goes to our heads.

Get the feeling that it’s like our head is going to explode.


Must understand that, when we have a migraine, we have an awareness to do. We can change things and be able to change them, that is, to take action. By giving us some pause time.

Migraine can also be a way to achieve more love and attention.

Let events flow freely in our life and receive joy, peace and harmony in return.

Sinus problem

Conflict of fear of a threat knowingly or not, vague, disguised, latent: something smells bad to us, without being able to understand or foresee.  Apprehension for someone next to us. Feeling of danger.

The breasts become inflamed when there is a sense of danger. Example: I smell the danger and we can have a sinusitis. That smells bad to us and we may have a cold.

Brain tumor

The tumor is an excessive proliferation of abnormal cells in the brain.

The tumor is connected with repressed emotions, deep sorrows, sufferings of the past.

In the brain, the primitive tumor that develops from brain cells means that our information processing center still registers certain ideas, beliefs or mental schemes that no longer have their raison d’être!

The tumor results from an emotional and violent blow linked to a situation or a person whom we love very much or to something that made us suffer a lot or in front of which we still maintain hatred, resentment, fears, anger or / and frustrations.

If the tumor is located in the upper part of the brain, in the middle or in the pituitary, it is often due to an emotional impact or because we are afraid because of our spirituality, our intuition, etc.

When we are stubborn and rejected change our way of seeing here and now, accept our life and everything that accompanies it.

Or that we are rigid and fixed in our thoughts, inwardly we are confused.

To transport our mental energy that no longer corresponds to our deepest needs and that is the opposite of our divine desires.

Our body reacts strongly and then sprouts an out-of-control production of certain brain cells. It is a critical and dangerous state and we must transform our closed attitude into an opening of heart if we want to heal this tumor.


From now on, accept to see life in a more open and flexible way. Being in constant transformation and evolving always did the best. Our personal trust will allow us to achieve this goal.

Areas of headaches

Muscle tension



Intermittent, feeling of tightness

Pulsation, nausea, vomiting


Sinus problem

Senos nasales

Intense after reading or viewing screens

Sharp, gets worse in wet cold


High blood pressure

Presión arterial

Constant, severe, weakness, fever, vomiting

Paused, palpitation

Brain tumor

Brain infection

Tumor cerebral
Absceso cerebral

Intermittent, weakness, seizure

Stabbing, mild to severe, ear infection

Essential oils for headache


  • Past Tense
  • Basil – Bergamot – Helichrysum – Lavender – Neroli
  • Bergamot – Lavender – Roman chamomile – Marjoram
  • Copaiba – Helicriso – Lavender – Marjoram
  • Basil – Lavender – Mint – Marjoram

Positioning the quantum accessory for cranial pain

Significance of headache and imbalance in the body

At the vertex (the vertex or cranial vertex alludes to the upper surface of the head) : Stagnation of energy in the small intestine Excess fire in the liver or Excess cold in the liverYang deficient in the liver

Frontal : Excess moisture

Frontal or fronto-orbital and permanent or in the morning upon awakening : Energy deficient in the gallbladder

Intense, persistent, deaf (in the vertex area with heaviness) : Excessive moist heat in the spleenEnergy stagnation in the gallbladder with phlegm Yin deficient in the liver

Heaviness : Excessive moist heat in the spleenExcess fire in the liverExcess moistureExcess hot moistureWet cold in the spleenYin deficient in the liver

Post-menstrual : Blood deficient in the liver

Feeling of swelling : Yin deficient in the kidney

Temporary, side side eye : Internal wind by ascent of Yang in the liver


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