26 August, 2022

Receive the other as he is

Localization of E9E

E9E is located mainly in a depression greater than the occipital protrusion.

Properties of E9E

  • Allows us to become aware of what slowed down our impulse in order to overcome it, achieve the goal set, success, to see our own beauty, express our needs
  • Bring everything we need
  • Calm nervousness
  • Dissipates nodules
  • Encourage forgiveness of ourselves and others
  • Gather the forces of the Universe that are in us
  • Gives confidence in us and in life, turn the page
  • Holds at all times
  • Inspire us to do what we want
  • Let go of the old ideas
  • Makes it easier to live in the present moment and leave the past behind
  • Makes you proud and content of yourself
  • Opens up new possibilities that can make us progress
  • Regulates the rise and fall of energy to and from the head, blood pressure
  • Subdue the rebellious energy that ascends to the head

Physical indications of E9E

Como :

  • Acute low back pain
  • Excrescence on the skin
  • Hyper or hypotension
  • Lower back pain
  • Nodules
  • Skin problem

Psychic indications of E9E

Como :

  • Bitterness
  • Concerns about the material
  • Continuing economic problems
  • Disappointment
  • Doing Everything to Be Loved
  • Ego injured for professional reasons
  • Feeling an emptiness that hurts, of helplessness
  • Frustration
  • Lack of financial support
  • Material and affective insecurity
  • Nervousness
  • Not feeling sustained in our grassroots needs
  • Rebellion
  • Remorse
  • Resentment in the face of a project that we can not carry out
  • Restlessness in front of one or other people
  • Ruminate a sorrow for a long time, the past
  • Taking the problems of others on our back
  • Tendency to take too many things on our shoulders and to disperse our energies

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