3 September, 2022

The blood is a material form of denser energy. The two are inseparable.

She without the energy would be an inert fluid and without movement, the energy gives life to her.

Energy needs it to manifest itself.


It comes from the energy from food produced by the spleen and stomach.

The spleen sends pure substances derived from food up into the lungs.

The lungs energize the food energy thanks to the foundation of all the Yin and Yang energies of the body that receives from the kidneys the defensive energy.

It is sent to the heart to circulate it in its form.

The role of the kidneys is fundamental in their production by storing the Essence and projecting all the Yin and Yang energies so that it flows through the body.

The Essence stored in the kidneys. It produces the bone marrow that helps form it. Both the spleen and stomach, as well as the kidneys are in constant interaction for their production.


Its main function is to nourish the body: it complements the action of nourishing energy, since it is a dense form of energy and it is thanks to it that nourishing energy flows through the body.

Unlike energy, it in its journey through the body has the function of hydrating it and moistening its tissues so that they do not dry out.

It is the material basis of the mind: it bases the mind, contains it and gives it its “space” so that it can rest and flourish.

Relationship with organs, energy and Essence

Like the rest of the substances and bodily processes, it is in constant interaction with the rest of the body.


The heart governs it, so the blood vessels.

Heart fire (Yang) produces it (Yin).

Nourish and cool the fire so that it does not rise excessively.


The spleen produces the foundation for the formation of energy and blood.

The energy of the spleen has the function to stop bleeding. It holds it inside the blood vessels.


The liver stores it.

During wakefulness and movement she flows into the muscles and tendons.

At night it returns to the liver.

It stored in the liver moistens the eyes and irrigates the tendons.

Blood from the liver goes to the uterus and into the vital channel responsible for the distribution of Essence, blood, energy and defensive energy throughout the body.


The lungs enrich the Essence of food energy and help the spleen send it to the heart to generate it.

The lungs control the channels and blood vessels providing energy, helping the heart to boost it.


The foundation of all the Yin and Yang energies of the body comes from the kidneys, which helps in the transformation of the energy of food and the Essence in the blood.

Menstrual blood comes directly from the Essential kidneys.


It is a dense form of energy.

The energy is Yang and she is Yin. Both are inseparable and interdependent. Nourishing energy circulates with it within the blood vessels.

It is generated, driven, contained by energy.

Nourishes energy.


There is a mutual influence between the two.

She can become Essence and vice versa.


There are three pathologies of the blood:

Blood deficient

Excessive heat in the blood

Blood stagnation

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